This sleek soap-dispensing dish brush could easily be the most beautiful product in your entire kitchen

As a self-proclaimed hater of washing dishes, the ONE BRUSH does the one thing other contraptions and viral TikTok hacks haven’t been able to do… it actually makes me want to attempt washing dishes.

Designer: Jamie Phillips of yesēco

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $37 (30% off).

Designed to look less like something you’d pick up from Target and more like a design-driven object from Alessi, the ONE BRUSH conveniently combines modern aesthetics with research-driven functionality and adds a dash of sustainable thinking. The brush sports a thick, well-weighted design that looks less plastic and more premium, as it sits magnetically attached to the side of your kitchen sink. The ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold, while the tilted bristles give you the right gripping angle to easily soap and scrub your dishes.

Fill the handle with 75ml of liquid soap, which washes over 150 plates.

The handle’s hollow design holds liquid detergent, which automatically deploys around the bristles when you swish and flick the brush (the magic wand reference is purely coincidental!), and when you’re done, the magnetic mount holds the brush horizontally over your sink, allowing it to easily dry out, while eliminating the need for having a brush tray or a cup which causes the brush to drip soapy water all over your kitchen counter… and what about sustainability? Well, the ONE BRUSH comes with a two-part design featuring a reusable handle that’s designed out of recycled plastic, and a compostable bristle cartridge made from natural materials that you can easily replace every couple of months based on your usage.

Made to last. The design allows the brush to be easily disassembled should it be ever need to be recycled.

What immediately stands out about the ONE BRUSH is its conscientious design. A Gold Winner of the Good Design Award, the patent-pending ONE BRUSH really shows that there is no problem that’s too small to solve… after all, its alternative is literally a 2-dollar scouring pad. Instead, the ONE BRUSH sits against your kitchen sink, looking like a high-end fixture to match your kitchen’s decor and sink fixtures. A magnetic mount attaches to any steel sink and holds the brush horizontally, allowing it to drip dry right into the sink itself. When you want to use the ONE BRUSH, just pop it off its mount, run it under some water to work up a lather, and get to work. Every couple of months, the ONE BRUSH lets you swap out the bristle heads to make the brush as good as new. While the brush’s handle itself comes made from plastic and metal, the bristle head is crafted entirely out of bamboo, while the bristles themselves are all-natural sisal fibers that offer the right amount of toughness and resistance against stains. This eventually increases the brush’s lifespan (because you don’t chuck the entire thing out like a scouring pad or sponge), while ensuring that even the minimal amount of waste you generate from discarded bristle heads is earth-friendly and plastic-free.

The ONE BRUSH is entirely the work of Jamie Phillips, who founded his company yesēco (pronounced Ye Se Co) to solve the problems that nobody else was solving, and design products that help reduce waste while being inherently beautiful enough that you love owning them. The brush’s design was researched, created, tested, prototyped, refined, and finalized over a period of years. Jamie’s idea was to design a brush that defines the tone of your kitchen, while still being functional and reusable. The magnetic mount inside the sink is a wildly clever idea, as the brush drips dry directly into the sink itself, while it allows you to easily store the ONE BRUSH in a way that’s discreet yet easy to access and absolutely difficult to lose. Moreover, Jamie believes that the best kind of products aren’t just the ones that are functional, they’re also the ones that are dependable and durable, lasting years without breaking or failing.

The patent-pending yesēco ONE BRUSH comes in two colors (all-white and all-black) with the signature metallic ring around its neck. The brush is available at an Early Bird price of $29, and an extra $12 gets you 4 bristle heads that should last for an entire year combined. Each brush also pairs well along with the optional microfiber dishcloth, which conveniently hangs under your sink by hooking onto the rear stub of the ONE BRUSH’s magnetic mount!

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $37 (30% off).