An Apple-inspired gaming console + more innovative designs that will revolutionize the future of gaming!

Gaming consoles, controllers, and other accessories are always on every guy’s wish list! They’re always on their tiptoes, waiting for the next launch in the gaming industry. And thankfully for them, the design industry comes up with innovative and super cool gaming products…all the time! Some turn out to be complete hits, while some are booed away to glory. But every one of them captures a lot of attention! And, we’ve curated a collection of unique and groundbreaking designs that could truly be the future of gaming! From an Apple-inspired gaming controller to an immersive gaming machine that uses projection technique, each of these products is here to break some convention in the gaming industry!

Sleek, with minimal details, and controls that are as baffling as the AppleTV Remote yet equally appealing. This may be Designer Hannes Geipel’s version of a Microsoft Surface Gaming Controller, but it definitely has a very strong Apple-esque vibe to it. The Surface Gaming Controller concept by Hannes Geipel boasts a brilliantly simple form. With absolutely no-frills, textures, accents, or color-separation, the Surface Gaming Controller has a clean look to it that is a major contrast to Microsoft’s own Xbox controller. The Surface Gaming Controller comes with a soft, satin finish, and sports two rather slick-looking joypads with a metallic ring around them.

Building upon Sony’s previously released DualSense wireless controller, which changed the way games “feel” through immersive haptic feedback, the new VR controller for the PS5 also provides haptic feedback and takes on an orb-like shape that allows users to move their hands freely and naturally when gaming. The ergonomic design behind the new VR controller was also tested by a range of users with different hand sizes to ensure that they work for everyone. In addition to the controller’s added haptic feedback, the new VR controllers are outfitted with the same adaptive trigger technology found on the DualSense wireless controllers. The adaptive trigger buttons on Sony’s VR controllers add tension that gamers can really feel when plucking an arrow or pulling on a rope, adding to the multisensory experience of PS5.

Inspired by PlayStation’s minimal look, the PSR was designed to keep and enhance the geo silhouettes using a simple circular shape and a stripe line. The disc-like projector unit can be rotated freely and depending on the angle it will form interesting geometric silhouettes – circle, rectangular, and cross. The console has a refined and modern aesthetic complimented by the Dualshock Duo controllers. The pressure-sensitive analog stick adds to the tactile input feeling that makes it different from its predecessors. It features magnetic pads that connect it so it can be charged together using the USB-C speed charge or the Chargestation Pro Dock if you have another set of controllers.


We need a gadget like Morphox which is a conceptual controller designed to adapt to a variety of gaming experiences while still being ergonomic. While most tech is now becoming modular to adapt to our flexible lifestyle (or flexible game choices), gaming controllers are still pretty set in their mold. Morphox breaks this mold with a design that creatively incorporates feedback from existing controllers like the placement of the trigger button for better access which is a starting point. “This personal exploration project of mine where I have taken the idea of playing around with the controller of the future that lets you be more into the game hypothetically having an apt. compatible console system that these controllers work,” says Gohil.

The Lian Li DK05F and DK04F gaming desks allow you to peer at and admire the tech below the keyboard! The desks have been amped with a switchable top glass panel which enables you to explore what’s going on beneath the surface. At the press of a button, the water-cooled components turn completely opaque! The gaming desks can also support weights of up to 80kg, and their height can be adjusted as well.

The ASUS ROG Phone 3 has been amped with a Game Mode to provide enhanced in-game sound effects for an immersive gaming experience. It also comes along with an AMOLED 6.59-inch display for vivid and sharp images! Further equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming technology, the visuals get even more realistic.

Titled the EVOLUTION 3D, these conceptual TWS Gaming Earbuds form the perfect successor to Sony’s Pulse headphones, giving PS5 gamers some much-needed variety. Every archetype of a gamer involves having a clunky pair of headphones with a microphone, but the EVOLUTION 3D wants to give that cliché an upgrade. By combining powerful gaming hardware with sleek, cutting-edge consumer tech, the EVOLUTION 3D creates allies out of two hardware categories that seldom see an overlap. The TWS earbuds come with the distinct PS5 visual style with the interplay between white and black surfaces. The case comes with an embossed version of the PS logo, and a soft, pebble-inspired form.

It says a lot about the PS5’s design that concept artists are still trying to reimagine its aesthetic as something more traditional and less alien-like. The PS5 “Pro” comes from the mind of Anesthétique Projets, who also developed the PlayStation 5G, a handheld PS Vita-styled concept that made the most of the console/mobile gaming crossover. Now, the NY-based designer is back with an overhaul of the ‘polarizing’ PS5 design. Titled the PlayStation 5 Pro, the console borrows from the circular elements seen on the 1st gen PlayStation and its younger sibling, the curvier PS One. Its back-to-basics design even sports an updated version of the DualShock 4 controllers that pair well with the console’s flat cylindrical design.

Titled the Nintendo Delight, this smartphone concept builds on the success of Nintendo’s Switch, making it even more portable and adding a few extra features to it. The Nintendo Delight replaces the need to carry your phone along with your gaming console. By combining the two together, it becomes your go-to device for gaming, browsing, social media, and everything in between. Designer Sophia Yen makes a pretty astute observation when she points out that the Switch is already an Android device (YouTuber Linus Tech Tips even demonstrates how to run Netflix on a Switch), and the Nintendo Delight simply builds on it, adding network capabilities and a camera to the mix.

The SteelSeries QcK Prism Cloth XL gamer mousepad offers two-zone RGB dynamic illumination, and provides that extra flair and light around your gaming mat! It gives you complete control of the in-gaming lighting notifications, and you can even easily create complex effects in no time.