Literally your ‘Utility Belt!’

There’s a subtle socio-cultural reason why the SOG Sync II is such a wonderful piece of industrial tool design. Aside from the “utility belt” reference that just works, because the SOG Sync II puts 12 tools into one small 2 inch X 6 inch belt buckle, the reason it fits socio-culturally is because (and I’m sure you’ve noticed this) belts have a strangely synonymous relationship with any sort of tool-work. Whenever the plumber comes over, or a carpenter gets to work, there’s always that action where they pull their pants up by the belt, before they get to the dirty-work. Even when they’re done, there’s always a need to rest your hands on your belt (in an akimbo fashion) and examine/admire your work.

The SOG Sync II is a rather interestingly designed multi-tool that doesn’t try to be as compact as possible, but rather as conveniently compact as possible. Designed to fold into a small rectangle that can then be retro-snapped onto your belt buckle, the SOG Sync II comes with 12 tools (pliers, scissors, screw-drivers and blades to name a few), a solid Stainless Steel construction, and a lifetime warranty. It comes with a base that can be fitted onto most existing belts or even onto backpacks, with the multi-tool snapping perfectly into place and releasing at the press of a button, just when you need to look like an absolute DIY pro!

Designer: SOG Specialty Knives