This privacy respecting security camera’s design is something Google Nest must take cues from!

I’m sure we all remember the Nanny Cams – stuffed toys with a beady eye that looks at you throughout the day. It’s one of those phenomenons where once you see it, you cannot unsee it! Security Camera’s inspire in me the same feeling, the feeling of being watched – it’s a sacrifice I have to make to ensure my security and safety and in return, I give away the right to my privacy.

We are surrounded by gadgets that listen to every breath we take – at this moment itself, you have on you a smartphone, a home AI assistant, a tablet, even a smartwatch to name a few. While they all speak of respecting our privacy, if you have Google Home, you know the mute button placed on it, but somehow, it’s not the same effect. Adam Shen understands this and decided to make things simpler by giving us a physical switch off to your security camera. The Home Security Camera is labeled as your privacy keeper and it handles this big responsibility with a simple design solution. The camera mounted on its body can be flipped down when not in use – a physical movement that ensures the camera is not recording any of your moves. Adam describes this as 2 designated modes – open and close. Privacy is a hot topic and while most products account for it in functionality, there is lesser attention paid to integrating the same in the physical design. As he explains, “Most products on the market do not pay attention to the design of the camera itself, with hidden functions only slightly covering the lens. Users cannot know whether the camera is in use except the indicator light. By hiding the camera lens inside, the camera shows visual feedback when it is not in use to let the user quickly know whether the camera is monitoring.”

The Home Security Camera can be placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall – it can be used as your home needs it. The minimal gadget is respectful by design – it physically gives us space by turning away or inwards to help you feel safe in your home, once again!

Designer: Adam Shen