CASETiFY Bounce Case offers sustainability and protection at the same time

Casetify is more than just about personalization. It has since grown into one of the largest gadget accessories makers in the world today and we believe it will remain that way for some time.

The CASETiFY Community includes not only ordinary mobile consumers but celebrities, reality stars, A-listers, and influencers all over the world. The brand continues to trend especially since many creatives are joining the bandwagon by submitting their own designs and are actually using them. Andrea Ponti, Product Designer at Hong Kong-based Ponti Design Studio Limited, has come up with a Protective Case for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone Pro Max. He called it the Casetify Bounce. The use of the word “bounce” brings to mind something that can easily get up and down like a ball.

Designer: Andrea Ponti

CASETiFY Custom Bounce Case Design

No, the Casetify Bounce won’t bounce like a ball but it offers ultra protection for the expensive iPhone. It’s one fresh and innovative smartphone case that uses a proprietary shock-absorbing material called qiTech 2.0 for the inner layer and backplate lining. What it does is disperse any impact from drops. Even the camera ring area is raised for lens protection. The bezel screen protection is also raised.

CASETiFY Custom Bounce Case Design

CASETiFY Custom Bounce Case Where to Buy

The protective phone case also comes with raised corners to keep the device protected from shock and scratch. That’s what the designer describes as “maximum shock absorption from all angles”. It is military-grade and drop-tested so you know your pricey phone is always safe.

CASETiFY Custom Bounce Case Launch

CASETiFY Custom Bounce Phone Case Pricing

With the company’s RECASETiFY program, the Bounce case is a sustainable choice because it is produced from 65% recycled phone cases and other plant-based materials. This results in 20% reduced carbon footprint and those tiny colored specks you see. Post-consumer waste is given new life with the said program, making it a green option for any earth-conscious individual.

CASETiFY Custom Bounce Case Sustainability

CASETiFY Custom Bounce iPhone Case

The CASETiFY iPhone case combines function, style, and sustainability. It can protect the iPhone 13 series from a 13-foot drop. It is MagSage and wireless charging compatible which means the material doesn’t get in the way of anything that the phone is supposed to do. The case is also finished off with DEFENSIFY anti-microbial coating so 99% of bacteria is eliminated.

CASETiFY Custom Bounce Case iPhone 13 Market

CASETiFY Custom Bounce Case CASETiFY Custom Bounce Phone Case