This gaming controller’s modular design transforms into a gun or a even steering wheel!

Gaming controllers have a lot of potential to get better, something compatible with different games, and most importantly comfortable to play with for longer sessions. We need a gadget like Morphox which is a conceptual controller designed to adapt to a variety of gaming experiences while still being ergonomic.

While most tech is now becoming modular to adapt to our flexible lifestyle (or flexible game choices), gaming controllers are still pretty set in their mold. Morphox breaks this mold with a design that creatively incorporates feedback from existing controllers like the placement of the trigger button for better access which is a starting point. “This personal exploration project of mine where I have taken the idea of playing around with the controller of the future that lets you be more into the game hypothetically having an apt. compatible console system that these controllers work,” says Gohil.

The triggers are ergonomically placed to maximize the gaming experience. To reduce the strain on the index finger, the triggers were positioned to optimize middle and fourth finger functionality instead. However, the placement and the undefined clickable area of the square (menu) button makes me question how that click will play out. The improved positioning of the buttons on the joystick comes with a softer touch and accurate locomotive tracking feature. Morphox comes with modular parts and accessories that make it a multipurpose controller – you can turn it into a firing gun, a steering wheel, or even an ‘explorer’ dashboard by extending it to become a smart bike handle. The possibilities are endless with this design and I hope to see controllers get more creative because it isn’t ‘fun and a game’, it is fun and games’!

Designer: Chinmay Gohil