This immersive gaming machine uses projection tech to bring the game to life in your room!

If you are looking to escape this planet while still being safe at home, this conceptual gaming machine called PSR is just what you need! PSR is a spatial experience gaming set up and if it comes to life it will truly be out of this world – imagine having a fully immersive game without having to wear any of that bulky VR gear. If your Sim seems to be having a better 2020 than you, just join in.

Since the current gaming setups limit the experience to TVs and VR headsets, the designer wanted to create something that allows the users to transform their room into the game itself. PSR uses a built-in triple projector that created a panoramic dimensional view mapped on the wall to take the user inside the game’s environment. Your room becomes your screen BOOM, your game just leveled up! It features a super bright 4K HDR projector lens for a synced panoramic view which optimizes the triple projector technology. You can also use it to play on your TV or switch to the classic mode that only projects the scene on one wall. This concept lets the players expand their field of vision and games can be more realistic by adding more actions like jumping, ducking, complex hand gestures, etc. to get them more involved.

Inspired by PlayStation’s minimal look, the PSR was designed to keep and enhance the geo silhouettes using simple circular shape and a stripe line. The disc-like projector unit can be rotated freely and depending on the angle it will form interesting geometric silhouettes – circle, rectangular, and cross. The console has a refined and modern aesthetic complimented by the Dualshock Duo controllers. The pressure-sensitive analog stick adds to the tactile input feeling that makes it different from its predecessors. It features magnetic pads that connect it so it can be charged together using the USB-C speed charge or the Chargestation Pro Dock if you have another set of controllers. The linear ergonomic design makes it look like a blend between a joystick and a traditional controller.

An immersive gaming console like PSR opens up endless creative possibilities for game developers, I mean you can go for space missions, live in your Sim’s house, integrate complex learning games that could teach you to code or cook, complete your daily cardio goal by running in Fornite and race cars you can only dream of in Forza – and for those few minutes, it becomes a real and valuable experience. It also looks better than any PlayStation or Xbox console, there I said it and I am ending that debate.

Designer: Andy Suh

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