A HEIMPLANET geodesic tent comes integrated in this 4WD electric truck to keep you adventure ready!

Electric pick-up trucks are going to be the next big rage as Cybertruck paves the way for others like the Rivian R1Tor Lordstown Endurance to bring the taste of this new revolution to the eager consumers. The upcoming trend has also aroused California-based Alpha Motor Corporation. Still, they are already looking ahead of time with an electric pick-up truck with an outlandish Overlanding version in the pipeline. Meet the Wolf + Cloudbreak – created in collaboration with HEIMPLANET – as the exciting future of electric mobility for outdoor adventure seekers!

HEIMPLANET is a German camping and adventure gear specialist company that has worked with Alpha Motor Corporation to build a unique version of the Cloudbreak geodesic tent. The expansive tent becomes a part of the vehicle, extending the usable footprint of the electric truck to give the adventurous riders almost double the space to set camp safely. The structure is highly weather-proof and stable, with dual access points to the vehicle – resulting in a safe and functional camping setup. To be precise, it is made out of high tenacity polyester that is resistant to tear. According to HEIMPLANET Co-Founder Stefan Clauss, “We have been searching for the perfect structure that guarantees stability and offers comfortable access. Many structures offer either one or another, but with this geodesic structure, we found the perfect balance.”

Teams in both camps are working dedicatedly to bring the unique outdoor adventure experience to the masses. Alpha Motor’s production offer is grounded in coexistence with nature, with upcycling at the core of the think tank. The MUV here is the perfect example of their belief in the German word “Heimat,” which means a place you can call home – a place that makes you feel safe no matter what. “We are passionate to find sustainable solutions that people can truly appreciate,” said the team as they tease the Wolf + Cloudbreak concept in a special edition Carmel White color inspired by the sandstones of Carmel Beach, California.

Wolf + Cloudbreak is still in the development phase, and it remains to be seen how it fares when the final model is ready. For now, the makers promise a driving range of around 260 miles on a single charge on the dual-motor 4WD. Since it has an electric drivetrain, there is more space under the hood to store adventure gear or other essentials. It can be a haven for four passengers with the expansive tent stuffed in the bed or maybe hauled behind like a trailer. It is safe to assume that the vehicle will have optional solar panel attachments and an extendable tray-like space to store the geodesic tent from the images. The idea seems utterly fascinating, and one which I’m keen on exploring ASAP!

Designer: Alpha Motor Corporation