Why wear glasses and AirPods when they could essentially be combined into one device?


It’s a technology that companies like Bose have worked on, but the end-product is either too expensive, or too exotic. Here’s something I, as a frequent wearer of specs, have had. Why have glasses and earphones exist as two separate entities that need to be worn individually? Why not combine them in a way that makes you be connected and look good at the same time? Earphones that are built right into spectacles never end up accidentally falling off or getting stolen. They’re always on, always ready, and if you rely on bone-conducting technology, which I’d like to believe is becoming more and more advanced, you can actually have earphones on without placing anything inside your ears. This means you can wear these spectacles while crossing roads, or potentially even while driving, i.e., your ears are free to hear everything around you, so you’re not out of touch with the world… and most importantly, earphones embedded into glasses means they, by default, can have much bigger batteries.

If you don’t have $200 to throw away at the Bose Frames, a startup called Sunkoo has a worthy alternative that’s less than half the price. At just $79 for its super early-bird price, the Sunkoo glasses are arguably just as good as Bose’s frames, albeit with UV-blocking anti-glare lenses.

The Sunkoo are styled as a pair of voguish wayfarers with bone-conducting audio drivers built into its temple-stems… in short, they’re shades that have TWS earphones within them. When worn, the audio drivers rest directly against your temples, delivering audio through vibrations sent to your skull, rather than your eardrum. I’ve been a constant cheerleader and skeptic of this technology, but on paper, bone-conducting earphones are all kinds of awesome. You can hear the music without anything being placed within your ears, which means you can blast high-volume music without the risk of any ear damage. Your ears are still free to hear stuff around you, which means you can wear the specs and listen to a lecture happening in front of you WHILE listening to Post Malone playing right inside your head… and to a person standing six feet or more away, it looks like you’re just wearing a pair of dope glasses.

What really sets these smart Audio-Glasses apart from Bose’s frames (price tag aside) are just a few elegant design details and features that just feel like sensible design. For starters, the glasses don’t have an on or off button… they go on as soon as you ‘open’ the glasses. They connect to your phone via Bluetooth 5.0, and have a capacitive touch surface on the stems, much like the AirPods, which means you can tap, press, and slide to perform a bunch of functions, like playing and pausing a track, toggling the volume, answering or rejecting calls, or even summoning your phone’s Voice AI. A pair of beam-forming microphones on the spectacles easily pick up your vocal commands, ensuring you can either give commands to your phone or answer calls without worrying about noise or interference. The glasses weigh just 44g, are IPX4 certified water-proof (which means you can wear them while working up a sweat, or in the rain), and come with a battery that gives you 6 hours of playback and up to 200 hours of standby time.

Features aside, the Sunkoo are a pretty good pair of sunglasses and earphones. The glasses come with lenses that have anti-glare coatings and block UVA and UVB rays, while the temple stems flex as much as an extra 35° to ensure that the specs fit a wide range of face-types. The earpieces come with high-definition audio drivers that give you a uniquely personal listening experience, without sitting on your ears, with the danger of being stolen, knocked off, or falling while you’re running. The Sunkoo looks like a pair of fashionable shades, while behave like a pair of truly wireless earphones… and with a price tag starting at just $79, they’re cheaper than your AirPods AND your branded wayfarers…

Designers: Xin Tu, Bao Xu, Xishan Zhang, Xiaomin Chou and Hong Li

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Sunkoo – Affordable Immersive TWS Audio Glasses

The Sunkoo sunglasses use cutting-edge audio wearable technology to offer you the chance of diving into the world of music, making and answering phone calls, and even activating your phone’s virtual assistant—all from your glasses.

Main Features:

– Protects UVA/UVB rays
– High-quality speaker units for a truly immersive sound experience
– Stay safe, dive into the world of music with open ear while staying aware of external sounds
– U-shaped hinge, suitable for people with different face shapes
– Built-in microphone to make and receive calls and to activate your phone’s virtual assistant
– Pair with Bluetooth devices
– Use for up to 6-hours
– Different designs for different styles
– App compatible with devices that have TWS Bluetooth 5.0

Beyond the Perfect Shades

UVA/UVB rays are a big deal and you need to keep your eyes protected with high-quality sunglasses. Sunkoo Glasses protect you from UVA/UVB rays while also letting you make a fashion statement.

Vision & Sound on the Go with Open Ear Safety

With no excessive vibrations and a super clear sound ensure by the built-in high-quality speakers, you’ll feel like the music is surrounding you as if it was floating in the air that you’re breathing.

You want to have a blast listening to your music on the go, but you also want to stay safe. With Sunkoo sunglasses, you can rely on its Open Ear features to stay aware of anything that surrounds you. It’s like Augmented Reality: you’re in a blissful digital world of audio that sounds like it surrounds you while you’re also connected to the physical world where you’re sitting, walking, running or driving.

You Make the Call

The sunglasses allow you to make and answer any call through their Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity. Just pair them with your phone and they become an extension of it. You can even order your phone’s iOS or Android voice assistant to create memos and perform other tasks.

You’re the Only One Listening

The sound is crystal clear to you and won’t disturb others around you. They use the sound guide cavity to reduce sound exposure.

Style Meets Comfort

Sunkoo glasses are extremely light-weight (44g) and they come with a U-shaped hinge. Using the unique design of the hinge part, Sunkoo glasses can be expanded to fit the range of different face types.

Buttonless Activation

Sunkoo sunglasses will be turned on when you open them and off when you closed them. No buttons, just a Hall sensor that ensures that your smart glasses will go active or inactive just by opening or closing them.

Lasting Playable Shades

Sunkoo sunglasses are not only hard to scratch and extremely resistant, but they are also IPX4 waterproof sunglasses. The fact that they don’t have buttons makes them even more resistant to water.

The front frame part is using PA nylon and the leg part is using ABS + PE.

Adding Autonomy To Convenience

Sunkoo sunglasses come with two 120 mAh batteries for much greater autonomy. This way, you can enjoy your music, take and make calls, and make the most of your smart wearable audio-enabled sunglasses for 6 hours until the next charging cycle—that will take two hours. The standby time is up to 200 hours.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $139 (36% off). Hurry, only 108/150 left!