This collection of minimal wooden furniture celebrates the natural grain and texture of wood

There’s something about wood as a material that instantly puts you at ease. Wood radiates a certain warmth, and sense of zen, that no other material can exude. And, sometimes a wooden piece of furniture is what your living space truly needs. I feel a well-crafted piece of wooden furniture can add a magical touch to even the simplest of living spaces! And I recently came across a collection of wooden furniture designs that promise to do exactly that! Beomsuk Ko designed a beautiful collection of storage furniture called Live Edge. The furniture pieces celebrate the natural grain of  wood and were designed by Ko for Kobeomsuk Furniture, the South Korean furniture brand of which he is the founder.

Designer: Beomsuk Ko for Kobeomsuk Furniture

The furniture collection includes a glass cabinet, a walnut TV stand, and a freestanding shelving unit. “The wood itself was so beautiful, I thought about how to put this beauty into the furniture as it is, and I came up with the design. Kobeomsuk Furniture pursues a bold design that is natural, not artificial, with a sense of Korean aesthetics,” said Ko.

All the pieces in the collection are beautifully designed with a minimal yet attention-grabbing appearance. The TV stand has been equipped with a rather minimal and delicate silhouette. The front panels of the stand truly allow the natural grain of the walnut wood to shine through. It is a true celebration of the natural texture of wood. “When the horizontally flowing wood is cut horizontally and arranged by changing the top and bottom positions, it gives the feeling of looking at the flowing river from the sky,” said Ko.

The glass cabinets also have a frame crafted from walnut, whereas the internal drawers were built using sapwood and heartwood. The shelving unit, on the other hand, is deeply inspired by the composition of traditional Korean furniture. It features open glass shelves and two drawers that openly showcase the Live Edge wooden front, which has a rather distinctive appeal to it. The entire collection is a great addition to your home if you’re looking to add a rather unique wooden touch to your living space.