This portable power-station is strong enough to jump-start your car while charging your phone

Power banks are for smartphones, the SOUL Power station is for literally everything else. Designed to quite literally be the big-daddy of that 10,000 mAh portable charger you carry around with you. SOUL Power can literally supply energy to power up all your devices and more. The rugged power-station comes with an impressive 44,300 mAh battery and a 155Wh delivery system to cater to all your power needs; it has 6 best in class ports and 15W wireless charging.

Equipped with Hypercharge Technology and pass through capabilities, SOUL Power can charge up to four devices simultaneously. To give you an idea, the SOUL Power can charge your iPhone 17 times, or a 13″ Macbook Pro a total of 9 times. Designed to take your gadget-friendly lifestyle outdoors with you, the SOUL Power lets you take the AC Outlet outdoors. Measuring barely a square-foot in size, the power station packs not one but three USB-C (1 x 100W & 2 x 60W) ports, a USB-A port (18W), a 12-V outlet, a traditional plug-point, and even has a 15W wireless-charging surface on its top.

The SOUL Power comes with a rugged, portable design that weighs a mere 3.3 pounds, making it perfect for outdoor use. Armed with multiple outlets and SOUL’s unique Hypercharge technology, the SOUL Power can literally become your own renegade power-grid outdoors, allowing you to run everything from your phone to your laptop, drone, Nintendo Switch, and even a mini-fridge.

The SOUL Power station is capable of charging your e-bike’s or electric skateboard battery too, and that 12V output can even jump-start your car. The SOUL Power can recharge to 100% in just 2.5 hrs with the 90W adapter, but if you are out and about can also recharge it via USB-C, car lighter adapter, or if you’re far from any of those, the SOUL Power could be hooked to a solar panel too, letting you completely live off the grid. Surge protection and an IP64 waterproof rating just sweeten the deal.

The SOUL Power was designed to help you go to places where even your power-bank couldn’t take you. Whether you’re spending days or weeks out in the wilderness, living off the grid, taking a lengthy road trip, or just shooting outdoors with a lot of equipment that may need charging, SOUL’s portable, potent, power solution has you covered in more ways (and outlets) than one!

Designer: SOUL Inventions

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SOUL Power: World’s Most Advanced Power Station

Featuring Hypercharge Technology, the SOUL Power is a 44,300 mAh portable power bank with 4 ways to-re-charge, 6 charging ports, and industry-first 15W wireless charging.

Ways To Charge All Your Devices

– 12v EC5 Port (For Car Jumpstart or DC Devices)
– 120W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet
– 15W Qi-Compatible Wireless Charging Pad
– 2 x USB-C QC 4.0
– USB-A QC 3.0
– 100W USB-C
– 44,300 mAh Capacity/155Wh

SOUL Power in action. Watch multiple devices charged simultaneously.

Power The Following Devices Multiple Times & More

Equipped With Hypercharge Technology

The patented Hypercharge Technology allows you to charge SOUL Power in less than 2 hours which is roughly the same time it would take to fully charge your phone iPhone, but SOUL Power has 15 times the battery capacity.

Commute Hero

With passthrough charging, you can charge SOUL Power and multiple devices at once.

Jump Your Car or Bike

Bring Extra Power With a 12V EC5 to SOUL Power for a jump start.

Solar With SOUL

Extend your off-grid shoots with extra backup battery and solar.

Knowledge Of Power at a Glance

Never be caught without power again. Know just how much power and capacity you’re using with an easy-to-read OLED screen.

Click Here to Buy Now: $299. Hurry, only 13/25 left!