Impress In-Laws By The Perfect Rice Dish

Paella, Biryani, Mexican Rice or Chahan; it doesn’t matter what you’re cooking, but if it’s for your in-laws you better get it right. For this, an investment in a good rice cooker is a must. However till you actually go out there and get yourself one, lets look at what Sang-Jang Lee is proposing. It’s a rice cooker that sports a touch interface lid and the promise of the perfect grain.

The Rice Cooker features a concave pedal on top of pot, which is quite the hub of activity. This is where the touch panel is housed and a visual display comes to life when you…you guessed it…touch it! Navigating the menu on the panel is pretty straightforward. Press the top area to access the main menu and tilt it left or right to browse. A tap on the bottom of the panel keys in the choice or takes you forth to the next menu page. The lights on the panel fade away once the choice is made.

When the rice is done, the concave pedal tilts forward to release the steam. Now that you got the basics right, toss it with any recipe downloaded from the Internet (or even a family legacy will do) and make the perfect rice dish.

Designer: Sang-Jang Lee