This ultra-boxy electric moped bike is designed for shopping, groceries and a day out in the city!

Electric bikes are the way to go in the future, and already the metamorphosis is happening as we transition from fuel-powered vehicles to clean electric ones. Carota Design has demonstrated in the past how an electric bike of the future could look like, and now the design studio leaves us with another refreshing EV blueprint worth the attention. Christened the E-motocompo, the electric commuter is built for short city rides seeing the extent of traffic congestion that’s not going to unclog anytime soon.

The electric bike looks a bit unique with its rectangular-shaped body frame, but the idea here I guess is to reduce the body mass from the sides for high maneuverability in tight spaces. In fact, it is so rectangular in shape, to be practical for demanding urban commuters it needs to have a hint of muscular contrast. High seating position (it could have been designed a bit better) and the handlebars indicate strict city ride aesthetics with a grocery carrier on the front. E-motocompo is a single rider moped bike with space on the rear to store things like your helmet or other stuff.

When it comes to charging up the ride, simply plug in the EV charging point on the top of where the bike tank usually is. While this ride needs a slight makeover, things are looking promising, as far as seeing one on the roads (that’s similar to Carota design’s iteration) in the near future goes.

Designer: Carota Design