Bye, Bye Big Needles

Krystalin is an award winning medical design that introduces a new concept of next-gen disposable insulin delivery that aims to ease and simplify the process for diabetic patients. It’s easy to administer and track doses, but the biggest improvement by far is the elimination of the large needle component altogether. Hit the jump to see how it works!

Krystalin uses an array of crystal insulin which are grown into micro needles of size 450–550 microns over thin films. These non-invasive insulin patches (size 1cm x 1cm, equivalent to 10 units of insulin) are pain free and comparable to the mosquitoes needle sizes and can be used by both type1 and type2 diabetes. Once this patch is applied on to the skin, the crystal shaped insulin crystal gets dissolved and affects the patient immediately at subcutaneous level. The needles of the patch after being dissolved become blunt and can be disposed as it is no longer a bio waste.

Designer: Tawfik Manham, Arjun Raj Kumar and Sushant Darake