The world’s smallest, most versatile titanium multitool can sit on your fingertip

I remember using the words “bafflingly small” when I saw the Claw 1.0 for the first time back in 2018. It was less than an inch in length, yet could open bottles, boxes, tins, and even function as a screwdriver. If it was even possible to demand more from this tiny tool, designers Malboro & Kane have added even more functionality into the Claw’s upgraded version. Titled the Claw 2.0, this titanium tool now comes with even more function packed into its ridiculously tiny form.

Designed to fit right around your keychain, the Claw 2.0 stands at less than 1.5 inches in height (37mm to be precise), making it smaller than a key, and roughly the same height as a single AirPods Pro earpiece. If you’ve seen the original Claw 1.0 before, you’ll immediately notice a few significant upgrades. Version 2.0 now features a chiseled flat-edge on the front that’s perfect for using as a box opener, staple-remover, screwdriver, or even a flint-striker. Behind it lies the signature claw-hook, that lets you open bottles and pry off tin lids. The most significant inclusion, however, is the presence of two hex sockets measuring 1/4″ and 1/6″ respectively. These sockets can either be used to tighten or loosen hex-bolts, but their versatility lies in the fact that you can actually mount heads from your multi-head screwdriver set, turning the Claw 2.0 from a tool into a versatile holder for a wide range of tools! What’s also so great about the hex sockets is that they also act as the hole you pass your keyring through. Pick the hex-socket you’re least likely to use and you can run your keyring through it, effectively letting you carry the Claw 2.0 wherever you go!

While discussing the Claw 2.0’s many features, it’s difficult to remember exactly how small it is! The 1.45-inch multitool features two hex-sockets, a flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, box cutter, staple-pin remover, flint-striker, and pry-tool. With great power comes great responsibility too, which is why the Claw 2.0 is available in a robust stainless steel variant, but also a heavy-duty Grade 5 Titanium variant. All in all, the Claw 2.0 weighs a forgettable 3 grams, which is great because it’s there when you need it, and practically disappears when you don’t. When not in use, it sits among your keys, remaining perpetually accessible (it’s even TSA approved, so you can carry it on flights too). The grade 5 titanium variant ensures the Claw 2.0 lasts long enough to be passed down to your great-grandchildren… provided you don’t lose it (considering how small it is)! Go ahead and grab a Claw 2.0 for yourself now at a discounted price of $29, with free international shipping!

Designer: Malboro & Kane

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $40 (25% off).

Claw 2.0 – World’s 2nd Smallest Multitool

Designed to help you slash boxes, pop bottles, turn hexes and more, in under 2 inches of Titanium. TSA Safe and with Lifetime Warranty.

Hex Input

A standard 1/4″ & mini 1/6″ Hex.

Pry Tough Fixtures

Remove staples, lids and hardware.

Flat-head Screwdriver

Works on any flat screw.

Bottle Opener

Have it with you all the time.

Box Cutter

Tear through boxes and packages.

Finer Details

Ergonomic Finger Ridge – A one-way ridge designed to be the correct incline for the maximum force.

Choose Your Hex – Feed your keyring through either of the hexes and keep your favorite clear.

Rounded Blade Tip – The curved tip ensures there are no sharp edges in your pocket.


Choose from a brushed Titanium or a polished gold steel.


Designed to be small but inherently useful. Tinier than 1.5 inches.

Attachable EDC

Place it in your pocket, purse, bag or keys.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $40 (25% off).