This bicycle’s loop frame was designed to be easily dismantled, making it a lighter, smoother ride!

Many people who live in cities rely on bikes as their main means of transportation. City bikes are designed to be intuitive for smooth, easy rides. When coasting between traffic and stoplights, a city bike ride should feel lightweight and nimble. Through a unique approach in designing his city bike, Gaëtan Francq created Loop, a compact city bike whose parts were developed around the bike’s looped frame to deliver a fully-contained, sleek ride.

As eye-catching as Loop’s frame might be, the city bike from Gaëtan Francq Studio comes through with a lot more perks. Starting out with Loop’s handlebar, which comes packed with Bluetooth connectivity, the city bike’s simplified GPS is contained here to ensure riders won’t lose their way in new cities or on unfamiliar roads. Just below Loop’s handlebar, a storage compartment fills out the bike’s looped saddle tube, allowing riders to bring items like bottles of water or even wine along with them for the ride. With Loop, there are no more excuses for showing up empty-handed to the party.

Designed for the concrete jungle, the designers behind Loop equipped the bike with a powerful brake system called Wilwood, which can easily be replaced and worked for maintenance since Loop was also designed to be readily dismantled whenever necessary. Along with some of the best brakes in the game, Loop’s 26-inch wheels prop riders up to a familiar height for a relaxed ride. Lightweight and easy to handle, each one of Loop’s components is constructed from aluminum alloys in order to optimize the light feel of the city bike.

Loop comes with all the goods you might need for an easy city ride– GPS, speed and temperature updates, a storage compartment, and an ultralight frame. The unique looped structure of the city bike’s frame was designed to turn heads as you pass them by on the street, but also to simplify the whole body of the bike, making for an elemental city bike that looks polished, versatile, and uncomplicated.

Designer: Gaëtan Francq Studio

Loop’s handlebar contains all the information you might need for a long ride through the streets of the city.

Through different ideations, Gaëtan Francq Studio ultimately created a bike centered around its loop frame.

Loop’s aluminum alloy frame went through thermal hardening to limit its elasticity.

26-inch wheels allow riders to enjoy a familiar seated height.

Loop’s digital handlebar display signals riders of the outside temperature and time, along with the bike’s speed mileage.

Slim handlebars enhance the city bike’s overall sleek look.

Easy to disassemble for maintenance, the city bike’s design was developed around its main aluminum loop frame.

Loop comes equipped with a Wilwood brakes system for quick brake-response time.

Minimal chains and an airy design give Loop a cool, clean finish.

The bike’s main storage compartment is located just below the seat.

Through a process of thermal hardening for aluminum frames and steam curving for wood frames, the Loop structure maintains a durable combination of rigidity and flexibility.