This sustainable RV features solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, cork flooring & a green roof!

ERA Architects is an innovative studio in Barcelona championing sustainable tourism with its Pinea Mobile Ecological RV! The RV uses natural and sustainable materials in its construction along with other eco-friendly features like solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. Currently, Pinea is a prototype currently located in Mas els Igols retreat in the Penedés winery region of Spain – I, for one, would never move it from there but you can. Eco-tourism is already looking great!

The prototype uses built-in systems for solar energy and rainwater harvesting but what makes it special is its unique green roof. It includes a single solar panel that produces up to 50W retained in a battery to use for charging smartphones and lighting inside the RV. ERA Architect’s design team also mentioned the battery system manufacturer in France gives a percentage of sales to a nonprofit in Africa. The architects sourced different elements for the prototype from different local regions like the green roof is from, the textile manufacturer is from Barcelona, and the metal works have come from Lleida. Pinea also features a specialized system of trays that harvest rainwater for the green roof which is thriving Catalonian vegetation and substrate. This system can hold up to 100 liters of water at a time!

Pinea’s exterior fabric can be unzipped to let in the fresh air and sunlight or rolled up for privacy. The fabric is made in Catalonia using a water-saving dying process and is breathable water-repellent material. Now for the most concerning part about camping – mosquitos – the Pinea RV comes with a built-in mosquito net to keep you safe at all times. The RV comes with a large bed, a table, chairs, and some storage furniture crafted from certified wood (same as the one used to make the walls) and sustainable cork material. Another unique thing about this RV is its cork flooring! The designers also chose to use cork stoppers instead of isolation gravel on the green roof. The team’s aim was to design a self-sufficient eco-suite on wheels and they absolutely came through with the Pinea Mobile Ecological RV!

Designer: ERA Architects