Infinite Candle

This project goes by the name “One Makes Another” and it takes one candle, a spool of string, and a little bit of metal. Bam! Infinite candle. Right? Sort of. Designer Yuya Kurata describes this project as a candle holder which makes another candle underneath as it melts, but one that isn’t quite complete. The concept is here, the candle isn’t quite ready for it. Because candles do not gutter as much as would be necessary, a slightly distorted candle is made. However! One Make Another does sort of work. It’s nearly there. All they’d need is a different candle consistency and a little bit of the ol’ modification of physics!

Take a peek. See how the candle creates itself? Kinda sorta awesome. Now we just gotta figure out how to make sure ALL of the wax goes into the next candle and how to make that string regenerate as well. Possible? Maybe not. Is this project awesome anyway? Yes. All attempts at infinite energy deserve a high-five for effort.

Designer: Yuyu Kurata