Ten Creative Garbage Bin Concepts And Designs

Is cleanliness really next to godliness? I dunno about you but I feel we have more messed up brains than trashy trashcans around the bend! Anyways, here’s a look at some really unusual and freaky concepts and designs that make the garbage bin a prized possession.

10) Crevasse Prep Sink by Anne Kitzmiller

A classy kitchen sink with an integrated garbage disposal is like HEAVEN! Sophisticated and uber-chic, this sink-disposal system was designed with the collaborative efforts of Kohler. The sink uses Active Touch technology to function; the rinse cycle is indicated by a constant blue glow and the synchronized garbage disposal cycle is indicated by a flashing blue glow.

9) Table of Trash by Marie-Louise Gustafsson

How about sweeping the trash off the table and straight into the bin?

8 ) BIN Concept by Faris Elmasu

An 18 liter trash can that incorporates a motorized sweeper into its system, convenient! The sweeper tucks into the front of the trash can when not in use, thereby charging as well. Looks neat functions well, what more can you expect out of a garbage bin!

7) Trash Bin by Denis Oh

Forget the hazards of a tapering mouth for a bin, these Bongsudae (Korean smoke alarm towers) inspired beauties deserve a place on the pedestal and not some dusty corner of a room.

6) Flexibin by Li Jianye

Not much on the design aspect but the Flexibin scores high on application. Invert a discarded grocery bag around it and the bin is ready to be used!

5) Minus by Cem Tutuncuoglu

I still have to figure out why I would need to freeze my garbage, but for Cem’s sake I’m willing to try.

4) Armstrong Bin by Sukwon Park & Sungwoo Park

Let’s kill the garbage even if its dead! Stomp it, and stomp it good.

3) Barcode Trashcan by Woo Seok Park

This one is a really amazing concept that allows you to be eco-conscious to the T. In case you don’t know which recycle bin your waste item goes to, just swipe its barcode across the scanner and the correct bin opens up. Cool cool style!

2) GreenHouse Effect by Orcadesign

From the collection of 10 items in it’s the list, the integrated dustbin concept is by far the best. A trapdoor design conceals the bin till you don’t require it. Moreover the clever idea of using discarded plastic bags to hold the trash is super!

1) Condom Ashtray by Jiang Qian

Clever, cheeky, whatever, this is the temptress of them all…..need I say more?