Japan-inspired kitchen appliances that are the epitome of minimalism, form and functionality!

I absolutely adore Japanese product designs. They’re simple, sophisticated and something about them completely warms my heart. They leave an impact on you, and an imprint on your heart, with their soft minimalism. I love incorporating Japanese products in my home space, they have such a soothing effect, and can add an elegant touch to any home. I also enjoy using Japan-inspired kitchen and tableware products! Not only are they adorable to look at and gentle to use, but they’re also high on functionality and very rarely give you any trouble. They’re foolproof designs that you can depend on to tackle your cooking prep and other kitchen tasks. From portable rice cookers to tableware created from a 400-year-old Japanese wood bending technique, we’ve got you all covered! Dig in, you can tell us Arigato later!

Designed by Nendo for Hashikura Matsukan, the Rassen (spiral) chopsticks are a pair of chopsticks that come together as a convenient single unit. They look like a solemn long wooden stick, but they can be separated, resulting in a pair of chopsticks that can be used for eating. They pack fun and functionality together, bringing them together and apart is like playing with a jigsaw puzzle! The artfully designed chopsticks are a beautiful example of quintessential Japanese design philosophy.

The Magemono Tumbler comes made with a Hasamiyaki porcelain inner vessel, and a Magemono Japanese cedar wood sleeve around the outside, in signature fashion. The Magemono Bread Tray, a fir tree crafted thin tray (available in two sizes) is perfect for meals, especially for the breakfast sandwich, paired with a nicely brewed cup of coffee. Nasuda’s aim is to showcase the untouched perfection of Japanese artisanship, while helping the families of craftsmen to sustain themselves and also pass the art down to younger generations, helping it thrive.

The Dry Mountain Gas Stove has a meditative quality about it, brought about by its inspiration from Japanese and Buddhist landscape gardens. The stove’s design is dominated by curved, soft forms that make it appear calming, while also giving you a little extra countertop space, thanks to the rounded edges. The stove’s wavy resting plate is one of its strongest visual features. The wave-inspired plate doesn’t just provide an allure to the stove, it also makes it easier to clean when you’re done, with a cloth and a single swooping action.

The Thanko Electric Bento rice cooker is here to make rice omnipresent – literally. This portable cooker will let you cook a bowl of warm rice wherever you are! It is a perfect gadget for those who want to cook a single-serve in a short time and the LED light will glow when it is ready. It is very optimal for those who travel often or want fresh food at the office instead of takeout. The cooker has the capacity to cook 6 ounces of rice at a time and comes with a measuring cup for convenience. Add water, rice (pro tip: salt the water or use chicken broth to up the flavor!), and depending on the ounces it should be cooked between 14 and 20 minutes.

Mitsubishi’s Bread Oven is in a league of its own with a promise to serve you ‘the perfect toast’. Mimicking a waffle maker, the toaster looks like it’s come straight out of the ’80s with its retro-esque veneer brown look. Built with a sealed thermal-insulated structure, it can toast your bread without releasing any moisture, ensuring the bread is soft, fluffy, and far from being dry. The metal box is equipped with two plates that can go up to temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. These plates seal the slice of bread, transferring heat to it, and in turn, make magic. The electric toaster is amped with four cooking settings; Toast, Frozen Toast, Topping, and French Toast.

Seramikku is a perfect balance of archetypal Japanese forms and minimalistic modern details. Its shape and texture are inspired by ‘Uwade kyusu’ which is one of the more traditional Japanese teapots known for their distinctive, almost floating, handles that hover on top of the lid. The designer has envisioned the Seramikku to be made from ceramic and iron with an electric heating base. Sadly, it is not for sale because it is a concept design which a part of a Render Weekly challenge.

This matcha maker is compact and sleek, making it perfect for homes, offices, any space with an outlet because it is portable. This matcha maker stays true to its Japanese roots and lets you enjoy an authentic cup every time by using freshly ground leaves from its ceramic mill for individual uses, just like the masters do. The movements of the traditional bamboo whisk are replicated by the magnetic whisker that mixes cold water with the tea for a frothy matcha-presso!

The Ishiyaki Set tackles a unique problem associated with being under lockdown… missing out on great food. The Ishiyaki Set brings an authentic Japanese dining experience to your home by allowing you to prepare food in the teppanyaki style. Designed as a tabletop stone grill that you can cook your meat on, the Ishiyaki (which literally stands for rock-grill) is a charming little personalized grilling set that lets you experience the fun of dry-searing your food right before you eat it, just like at that Benihana you miss going to.

There’s a certain reverence one feels looking at the S1 Gyuto Knife. It, by no means, is an ordinary kitchen knife but is rather a product of culture, heritage, dedication, and finesse. Crafted by third-generation Osaka master bladesmiths, the S1 Gyuto knife is made from pure black Japanese steel (the same material as Japanese swords) that involves 131 distinct production steps to give you a blade that looks exquisite and is obscenely sharp. Additionally, Hinoki’s techniques ensure that the knife stays sharp for longer periods of time.

The Foldable Gas Stove Cover Tower by Yamazaki Home converts your stove into storage or workspace! You can simply fit it on top of your stove, creating a convenient kitchen station to chop your veggies and carry out your cooking prep! Once you’re ready to actually get cooking, you can remove the cover, and have your good old stove back. It’s a perfect solution for creating extra kitchen space!