This minimal electric two-wheeler delivers the striking combination of technical quality and low waste design!

Nowadays, electric scooters belong in cities like boats belong on the water. Some scooters prioritize aesthetics, some cater to environmental sustainability, some just have a need for speed. Then, there are some special designs in circulation today that do it all, delivering both sustainability and aesthetics, as well as an in on the fast lane. NAON, a Berlin-based company devoted to spearheading the sustainable shift in personal mobility, strikes that ideal balance with their new electric two-wheeler prototype called Zero-One.

Taking on a minimalist approach to design, Zero-One’s lightweight feel was purposeful for NAON. Speaking to this, the design team says, “By utilizing functional components as key styling elements, we are able to simplify our product and apply more focus on refining every detail.” For instance, the scooter’s motor is found in the rear wheel’s hub, which gives Zero-One not only better traction and smoother acceleration but also an overall stealthier appearance. With the main motor located in the scooter’s rear wheel, no chains or belts are needed to generate additional moving power. The 7 kW motor is accompanied by 200Nm worth of torque so that no matter the traffic, with Zero-One, you can beat it. One look at this design tells you the designer has stripped away everything unnecessary, leaving behind what is needed in a modern yet sleek case, from the suspensions, the handle, and wrapped till the back too.

As far as speed is concerned, NAON offers two versions of Zero-One, offering different top speeds. The first version, L1e is limited to around 28mph due to street regulations and licensing setbacks. The second version called the L3e offers speeds upwards of 60mph to give each morning’s commute a proper boost. Each Zero-One comes ready with a single, detachable 2.4kWh battery located in the scooter’s footrest, which equips each scooter with just over 12 miles to each full charge. If riders hope to increase their mileage, adding a second battery will double each full charge’s range.

Manufacturing Zero-One produces minimal waste thanks to the combination of recyclable and responsibly sourced construction material – locally manufactured onsite in Berlin, NAON sourced recyclable material to construct Zero-One to maintain a small footprint. Love is in the details when it comes to Zero-One. The scooter’s transparent leg shield, for example, not only offers a refreshing, new perspective for riders and onlookers but was also built to be scratch-resistant and filter UV rays. Additionally, equipped with a high-end brake and suspension system as well as a low overall center of gravity, Zero-One’s two-person bench keeps the balance for a steady ride. City scooters are generally known for their heft and bulk, but everything about Zero-One is light: its matte-smooth body, low overall footprint, and aluminum frame.

Designer: NAON