Japanese wave-inspired gas stove that cleans easy while saving space!

The Dry Mountain Gas Stove has a meditative quality about it, brought about by its inspiration from Japanese and Buddhist landscape gardens. The stove’s design is dominated by curved, soft forms that make it appear calming, while also giving you a little extra countertop space, thanks to the rounded edges. The stove’s wavy resting plate is one of its strongest visual features. The wave-inspired plate doesn’t just provide an allure to the stove, it also makes it easier to clean when you’re done, with a cloth and a single swooping action.

The Dry Mountain Gas Stove is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Shen Wenjiao

“The bottom plate’s distinctive wave pattern is inspired by the ‘rocks’ and ‘rivers’ of Japanese dry landscape gardens. The curvature of each wave was precisely calculated to prevent boiling water from overflowing to the countertop. Wiping oil off the cooktop is also easier than conventional gas stoves, thanks to the wavy surface. The burner is designed with zero dead angles, preventing any debris from being trapped. Similarly, the iron-formed pot bracket references the curves of flower petals, making it easier to sweep debris away,” Shen told Yanko Design.

To help users maximise their countertop space, the bottom plate is rounded off. This not only saves 20% of countertop space, but also softens the form at the same time.