Cook the perfect single serve of rice with this portable Japanese rice cooker!

Rice…I don’t think it gets appreciated enough so I am going to tell you how rice is a global food icon. It is found in every country and every cuisine, rice can be fancy gourmet and also comfort home food. Rice can be had for any day of the meal, unlike ‘breakfast for dinner’ no one says ‘rice for dinner’ or lunch or brunch because it can truly be eaten anytime, anywhere. Now that we all agree on its omnipresence in the food world, the Thanko Electric Bento rice cooker is here to make rice omnipresent – literally. This portable cooker will let you cook a bowl of warm rice wherever you are!

It is a perfect gadget for those who want to cook a single-serve in a short time and the LED light will glow when it is ready. It is very optimal for those who travel often or want fresh food at the office instead of takeout. The cooker has the capacity to cook 6 ounces of rice at a time and comes with a measuring cup for convenience. Add water, rice (pro tip: salt the water or use chicken broth to up the flavor!) and depending on the ounces it should be cooked between 14 and 20 minutes. Unlike the usual cookers, this particular device doesn’t let out steam or make any noise so it is discreet enough to use practically anywhere. It only weighs 2 pounds and is compact enough to fit easily in your bag.

What I love the most is that you can eat the rice directly from the container after cooking and that means fewer dishes to do! Rice is a quick meal that goes with everything, and Thanko lets you eat some anywhere, leaving your stomach full and soul feeling fulfilled.

Designer: Thanko Design