This tabletop teppanyaki kit is for everyone craving Japanese food at home!

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There’s a limit to the amount of banana bread and sourdough loaves a person can make and eat, right? After a point, you do end up craving food from that local pizza joint or Asian restaurant, but the quarantine has you stuck at home, and that restaurant shuttered down. That shouldn’t stop you though…

While Kickstarter is absolutely inundated with mask designs and EDC hooks that let you open doors, Nick Metcalf’s crowdfunding project is a little different. The Ishiyaki Set tackles a unique problem associated with being under lockdown… missing out on great food. The Ishiyaki Set brings an authentic Japanese dining experience to your home by allowing you to prepare food in the teppanyaki style. Designed as a tabletop stone grill that you can cook your meat on, the Ishiyaki (which literally stands for rock-grill) is a charming little personalized grilling set that lets you experience the fun of dry-searing your food right before you eat it, just like at that Benihana you miss going to.

If you’ve somehow missed the adorably explanatory video above of Nick and his family of four, the Ishiyaki is a personalized grill that packs a lava stone that sits against a stainless steel tray inside a bamboo dining board. The board comes with an additional porcelain tray to hold your food before you sear it, and two perfectly sized bowls for soy sauce and wasabi, encompassing the entire modern teppanyaki experience. Designed by Nick, who also runs his own company SteakStones, the Ishiyaki set was lined up for a release at the beginning of the year when the coronavirus interrupted its launch. With hundreds of Ishiyaki Sets sitting in a storage facility, Nick decided to take the product directly to a crowdfunding platform to help recover production costs and quickly give people the ability to enjoy healthy, restaurant-style food from the comfort of their homes. It’s almost strangely serendipitous, especially considering people are craving the restaurant experience more than ever!

The 5″ wide lava stone (which Nick also supplies to some of the finest restaurants in London and New York) can be heated directly on a stovetop, or in an oven on the broil setting for roughly half an hour (to a temperature of 550-660°F) before being placed in its stainless steel tray and onto the Ishiyaki board. Once you’ve heated the stone and set the Ishiyaki up, your Japanese dining experience awaits you! The stone is perfect for dry-searing sashimi-style seafood like Tuna, Salmon or Scallops, or meats like beef (if you can get your hands on a Kobe or Wagyu, that would hit the spot! The dry-sear technique is especially healthy because you’re preparing the food directly before consumption while searing in all the natural flavors and succulence of your meat, fish or even delicious Haloumi cheese. Pair your food with some fresh vegetables and the Ishiyaki gives you an authentic, healthy, tasty, and enjoyable Japanese-style dining experience right from the comfort of your home!

Just don’t be tossing your knives or hot food around. Let’s leave the skilled theatrics to the professionals, hmm?

Designer: Nick Metcalf

Click Here to Buy Now: $56 $74 ($18 off). Hurry, only 1/50 left!

The Ishiyaki Set by SteakStones

The Ishiyaki Set brings the theatre of a Teppanyaki table to your home, allowing you to cook your food live at the table.

A Love of Dining Theatre –  Many styles of dining are as much about the experience as the food. Think about the theatre of the Teppanyaki Table where the skilled chefs chop, slice and flip pieces of food to the delight of their audience, often with flames jumping from the table.

Brought to you at Home – With the SteakStones Ishiyaki Set, you can now sear every slice of meat, fish or vegetables to perfection live at your dining table on their super-heated Lava Stones.

How to Heat –  Simply heat the stone on your hob or stove (gas or electric), under your grill or broiler as close to the element as possible, or even on your barbecue to between 300-350c (550-660f). Remove the stone from the heat and place it in the Steel Tray which is safely recessed into your Bamboo Board.

You can do the sizzle test as shown below to check the stone is fully up to heat. Then, you’re ready to go. Simply rub a very light coat of cooking oil on the stone which prevents the meat, fish or vegetables from sticking and you’re ready to go. You can cook each slice exactly as you like, with the last bite as hot and delicious as the first.

Form & Function – You get 20-30mins sizzling time with the SteakStones super-heated Lava Stones.

Fish Cubes on the Ishiyaki Set from SteakStones

What you can Cook on the Stone – The dry, searing heat of the stones makes them perfect for cooking thin strips of steak and vegetables as you would have in a Yakiniku Restaurant and is also ideal for some succulent Sashimi-style Fish including Salmon, Swordfish and Tuna or some deliciously seared Scallops.

Try and find some Prime Kobe or Wagyu Steak which when cut into strips is simply delicious when simply seared on the stone, perhaps with some soy and wasabi for that delicious, salty heat kick.

Their Experience – SteakStones products are tested in the most rigorous Commercial Kitchens and feature in top quality venues such as Sushi Samba in London and Amsterdam and Catch in Las Vegas and New York and in the past they have made bespoke designs for both these companies.

Click Here to Buy Now: $56 $74 ($18 off). Hurry, only 35/50 left!