The black swan of chef knives


There’s a certain reverence one feels looking at the S1 Gyuto Knife. It, by no means, is an ordinary kitchen knife, but is rather a product of culture, heritage, dedication, and finesse. Crafted by third generation Osaka master bladesmiths, the S1 Gyuto knife is made from pure black Japanese steel (the same material as Japanese swords) that involves 131 distinct production steps to give you a blade that looks exquisite and is obscenely sharp. Additionally, Hinoki’s techniques ensure that the knife stays sharp for longer periods of time.

The S1 Gyuto comes in three variants, with different wooden handles that complement the black steel blade in both color as well as shape. Choose from Charred Walnut, American Walnut, and European Oak, for the faceted handle that’s a pleasure to hold and use as it, with sheer ease, cuts through whatever you need it to cut.

Designer: Hinoki