Fresh matcha latte is now literally just a button-press away

Calling the Cuzen Matcha an ‘Instant Matcha Maker’ is as accurate as calling an airline pilot a chauffeur. I mean, it’s accurate in the fact that they both help transport you, but there’s still a vast difference in the scope of what they do. The Cuzen Matcha brews matcha tea in mere minutes, but it does so with the ritualistic expertise that’s often associated with brewing Japanese Matcha Tea. Unlike an instant coffee maker that just combines coffee grounds with water and filters it through, the Cuzen Matcha literally, mechanically conducts the matcha brewing ritual from start to finish.

The incredibly sleek looking device comes with a vertical chamber that houses a ceramic mill that finely grinds the leaves, mimicking the effect of a stone grinding mill. The matcha powder is collected in an aluminum container and is then dispensed into a cup of water with a magnetic whisk at its base that rotates to emulate the process of bamboo-whisking the powder into the water, giving you a perfectly brewed cup of fresh matcha tea. The entire process replicates/automates traditional practices, and by manually grinding and whisking the matcha, you’re left with a cup of tea that tastes as authentic and organic as it gets.

The matcha brewing process is simplified to just two button-presses. One button to start/pause the matcha grinding/brewing process, while the other button allows you to determine the strength of your beverage. The Cuzen Matcha comes with its own sachets of matcha leaves that get poured into the hopper inlet on top. The ceramic mill then grinds the leaves to a fine powder under 20 micrometers in size. This powder is then dispensed into Cuzen Matcha’s proprietary whisking cup that comes with a rotating whisk at the bottom. As soon as that happens, the whisk begins spinning (thanks to a magnetic motor controlling it from below) to perfectly incorporate the matcha powder into the water. The freshly brewed matcha can then be poured into your drinking cup, onto ice, or in cream to create a whole variety of matcha-flavored drinks.

Cuzen Matcha makes matcha-brewing incredibly easy, while still remaining true to the traditional process of matcha-making. Unlike your regular Nespresso/Keurig machines that just pump pre-brewed coffee from metallic pods (which generate tonnes of waste), Cuzen Matcha follows the matcha-brewing technique without any compromise. The leaves are ground right before they’re dispensed into each cup, resulting in fresh, organic, authentic Matcha every single time. Besides, the Cuzen Matcha appliance itself channels this incredibly calming Japanese minimalist aesthetic too, making it just the most beautiful and innovative take on this classic beverage with a cult following! Authentic Japanese Matcha is now literally just a button-press away.

Designers: Naoya Edahiro & Ayumi Ostrowski

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Cuzen Matcha – Enjoy Organic Fresh Matcha from your Home

At the push of a button, the Cuzen Matcha produces a fresh cup of matcha with their shade-grown organic Japanese tea leaves. It’s authentic matcha reimagined for the modern world.

The Matcha Maker

They engineered this machine to maximize freshness and reproduce the qualities of a traditional stone mill and bamboo whisk.

Ceramic Mill – A complex groove pattern and super strong ceramic components set at high pressure produce a fine powder (under 20 micrometers) equivalent to a traditional 130-pound granite mill.

Tea Leaf Hopper – A brushed aluminum chamber that holds up to 20 cups of matcha leaves and prevents the leaves from losing their freshness by limiting their exposure to oxygen.

Wooden Lid – The key to keeping matcha leaves fresh for a longer time is a lid that seals tight and prevents oxidation.

Magnetic Whisk – Rotates at high speed, synchronized with the ceramic mill to produce the same effect as bamboo whisking by hand.

Platform – The other half of the magnetic whisk. Features matching notches that slide into the bottom of the whisking cup.

Strength Levels – Pick how strong you want your matcha. A single, one-and-a-half, or double shot.

Grind-Only Mode – Perfect for those who want to whisk freshly ground matcha the traditional way. Also great for cooking and baking with matcha powder.

Error Indicator – Gives you an LED error message if something’s misaligned in your Matcha Maker’s mill or cup.

Easy Clean Up – A quick rinse to wash out the whisking cup. For a less frequent, deeper cleaning just pop out the magnetic whisk and clean the cup.

Matcha Leaf

They produce two different blends of matcha. Both are from shade-grown organic harvests, with their own flavor profiles and intended uses.

After three weeks of shade growing, their leaves are a vibrant green and full of umami flavor—only then are they ready to be picked for harvest. The leaves are then steamed, dried, prepared, and sealed so they stay fresh right until your drink is made.

Try These Classic Drinks

Straight Matcha – Enjoy a freshly made cup of matcha. Premium Matcha Leaf is recommended.

Matcha Latte – Pour 6 oz of steamed milk into a double or triple shot of fresh matcha. Signature Matcha Leaf is recommended.

Sparkling Matcha – Mix matcha shot into sparkling water for a refreshing drink. Signature Matcha Leaf is recommended.

Using the Cuzen Matcha Maker

Just pour leaves in the hopper, fill the whisking cup with water, select the strength you want, and push start. Once your cup of matcha’s ready, you can make a matcha latte, sparkling matcha, or add it beer, white wine, or cocktails.

Understanding Matcha

Unlike tea that you steep for a few minutes and throw away, drinking matcha means you ingest the entire leaf. Because you’re eating the whole matcha leaf, we think it’s important to harvest only the healthiest, most nutritious, and flavorful leaves—which is why we partner with organic tea farms in Kagoshima, Japan. Their farming process uses no chemical fertilizers and no chemical pesticides, so you enjoy the real taste of matcha.

Before harvest, our leaves are shade grown for at least three weeks until they’re vibrant green, lightly sweet, and full of umami flavor. Once they’re picked, the leaves are steamed and dried, prepared and sealed so they stay fresh right until your drink is made.

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