This entire backpack is a high-visibility reflective panel!

What if your backpack did more than just protect your belongings? What if it protected YOU too? Roughly a thousand cyclists die each year in the USA alone due to accidents, and nearly 70% of those accidents are due to reduced visibility at night… a statistic that the LetMeLight backpack is hoping to change by increasing visibility and saving lives.

Unlike most backpacks which either come with a small reflective patch or nothing at all, the LetMeLight is designed to be completely retro-reflective. Under low-light conditions, the entire backpack begins glowing, increasing the chances of it being noticed by cars or bikes driving behind you. The bag features a robust Cordura construction, which makes it rugged, tear-proof, and water-resistant, although its innovation lies in the proprietary retro-reflective coating that each backpack receives. This coating is applied to the entire backpack, and looks completely transparent during the day. However, dim the lights and the LetMeLight quite literally shines through, with a bright consistent shimmer that’s up to 13 times brighter than off-the-shelf reflective panels and stickers. Call it peacocking (the act of fashionably standing out) or just a safety feature, this revolutionary fabric + coating, codenamed Fusiontex, is what sets the LetMeLight backpack apart from the rest.

Its most stand-out feature aside, the LetMeLight was designed to efficiently store and protect your belongings too! It comes in two variants, a sling bag that’s perfect for carrying smaller items like notebooks, clothes and other EDC, and a standard-sized backpack that has a dedicated sleeve to fit a 13-inch laptop, tablet, and much more. The backpack and sling bag both sport extra quick-access pockets for storing belongings, secured by tough, durable nylon zippers, and comfortable nylon-mesh padding on the back as well as the straps.

The LetMeLight’s patented retro-reflective coating technology can withstand water as well as regular wear-and-tear, ensuring your backpack remains entirely reflective even after years of use. In fact, the coating is so versatile, it can even be applied to clothes, shoes, vehicles too! The coating remains transparent during the day, which gives you the option of playing with colored fabrics (unlike those boring grey reflective panels), and at night, it shines bright, allowing you to be seen and be safe!

Designer: INNO10

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LetMeLight: Retro-Reflective Backpack for Style & Safety

Created entirely from retro-reflective fabric, the LetMeLight is a backpack built to reflect light even in the darkest times.

The backpack appear as regular backpacks during the day, but they transform and illuminate its reflection during night.

Unlike many reflective backpacks that have a tape or film sewed on, the whole backpack is reflective–approximately 13 times more reflective.

The high visibility ensures safety for riders, delivery drivers, and anyone who could be difficult to see in the dark.

The retro-reflective has premium air permeability for comfort, something that normal reflective tape does not have.

What is Retro-reflection

Retro-reflection is the reflection that reflects light back to its source with a minimum of scattering. By using a special printing technology, INNO10 was able to coat the glass beads directly on top of the fabric and film to create retro-reflectivity. Unlike most other reflective fabrics, INNO10’s unique printing technology coats the glass beads directly on top of the fabric–something that no other company can do. Thanks to this technology, INNO10’s retro-reflective fabric is highly breathable and can be used in apparel products as well.

The mirrored side of the countless glass beads inserted into the fiber tissue reflects it directly as a light source.

Reflective Vs Retro-reflective

Most reflective fabric uses a reflective tape (3M) or film and it is applied to the garment or backpack. During the day, the tape can be visibly seen, and it can be visually unappealing.

On the other hand, retro-reflective fabric by INNO10 can function as a completely normal appearing during the day, then transform into a highly reflective at night. Their retro-reflective fabric can also be produced in many different colors and still exhibit the same level of retro reflection.

Reflective vs. Retro-Reflective Direct Comparison

LetMeLight Features

You can fit up to a 13 inch laptop and seal it shut with the velcro seal to ensure maximum protection.

Extra pockets in each area of the backpack to ensure the most optimal space for the wearers.

Created with Cordura Fabric

LetMeLight was created with the highest quality Cordura fabric. They are the world’s first and only backpack to use Cordura fabric and make it retro-reflective.

Benefits of Cordura Fabric:

– Ten times more durable than cotton fabric
– Three times more durable than polyester fabric
– Two times more durable than nylon fabric
– Cordura fabric is 25% lighter than polyester fabric
– Cordura fabric is water-resistant and does not change colors
– Cordura is a synthetic material, so it’s built to last with its high tensile strength fibers and will withstand long term wear

LetMeLight Sling Bag

LetMeLight sling bag will carry all the same technology – just in a miniature version!

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $199 ($110 off). Hurry, only 85/100 left!