A lounging chair for you as well as your pet!

Named after the acorn nut and clearly inspired by its curvaceous form, the Acorn Leisure chair boasts of a similar voluminous design, with a seat above for you to rest on, and an area below that’s ideally sized for a pet, or a makeshift magazine-rack. The chair’s unique design is instantly eye-catching, with the lack of traditional details like legs, or a backrest that’s attached directly to the seat. Instead, the chair builds itself out of a wooden platform on the base, with a wrought-iron enclosure above it, topped off with a seat. The backrest, instead of emerging from the seat itself, mounts directly onto the base platform, making for an incredibly unique chair that your eye naturally gravitates towards!

The wooden parts of the chair are CNC-machined to perfection, and the wrought-iron pipes on the base give the chair its sturdiness, while allowing your pets to see your legs as they sit inside their safe-space, providing a unique connection between both occupants! Alternatively, you could use the space under the seat to store books, toys, and pouf pillows too!

The Acorn Leisure Chair is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020.

Designers: Wei Jingye, Chen Yufan and Wang Ruilin