A modern fireplace designed to showcase the flames and keep you mesmerized!

There is something about looking into flames that brings us closer to our inner self and keeps us transfixed there. However, with the advent of electric heating devices, we no longer get to sit and relish this experience at our homes. There are many who still keep a traditional fireplace or a gas stove in their houses. But, their purpose is limited to either heating or cooking and the flames are always entrapped in a black industrial frame that does not do justice to their spell-binding liveliness.

Designer Jeong Kim has taken a rather unique approach to this idea by designing a stove that showcases the flames in their captivating brilliance. He has created ‘Contact Surface’, a stove that also works as an ornamental piece to go with your furniture. The design is as much attractive as it is functional. The body features a glass door with various color gradients and a lever on the side which locks and unlocks the door. The action of opening however is vertical, keeping the hot glass safely away from the user’s touch and in steady movement instead of having it swing around randomly. At the top is also a regulator which controls the flow of oxygen into the stove. It also comes with a removable bin to collect and dispose of any ash or other particles that might accumulate.

The designer felt that traditional stoves made a rather abrupt break between flames and their surroundings. And thus, was born ‘Contact Surface’ which gently eases the separation between flames and the space around them.

Designer: Jeong Kim of Weekend-Works