Navigator Analog Watch reflects its allegiance to USS Armstrong starship from the word go

Certain watchmakers shoulder the responsibility of pushing the defined boundaries with exceptional haute horlogerie. This is not only toiling with complexity; it is reinventing the wheel with craftsmanship and material usage that catapults the timepiece into ultimate rarity where it stands alone to be admired from afar. Its exclusivity substantiates it will forever be away from our reach yet the lure keeps us connected to the unique character.

Based on the idea of reconsidering the mold and reinventing the retro-futuristic allure; a designer envisioned one such analog timepiece – for the Yanko Design x Titan Design Competition – that reflects its allegiance to the USS Armstrong (NCC-317856) starship from the word go.

Designer: Santosh Palaniappan

The competition challenged aspiring designers to reimagine select everyday products – an analog wristwatch, a women’s handbag, a piece of wearable jewelry, and eyewear – with a unique twist. The idea had to fulfill the underlying theme of Retrofuturism, so it resonated with nostalgia yet had its feet in the future.

By swaying into sci-fi territories and then stitching it in time for a wearable, Santosh has for us the Navigator Analog Watch, which he believes is a “humble tribute to his beloved franchise, Star Trek.” From what’s apparent, the watch has a timeless aesthetic – created from a deep admiration for the saucers of the starships – which finds synergy with Star Trek’s optimistic portrayal of humanity’s progression and neatly blends science-fiction with reality.

From how it is designed, though; its interface is ready for global exploration with a red compass needle occupying the dial adorned with subtle geometric motifs. The Navigator Analog Watch innards are neatly streamlined within its disc body which is precision crafted from a single piece of aluminum. The watch case clips magnetically onto a specially designed rubber strap with thematic metal stars using the magnetic crown present underneath the watch. What do you feel about it?