Want to be energy efficient, but those doggone electricity meters look plain and simple hideous? Maybe you need a touch of adorbs. The Eco-Pop electricity meter comes to life in a beautiful way, showing you the wonderful side of the environment while you save it. A beautifully designed interface makes the reduction of electricity consumption an amazingly entertaining experience!

A great way to get kids to care for the environment!

Designer: Xindong Che (Jonathan)




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  • mithun mohan says:

    I am the CEO and Founder of Young and smart. i am looking for technologies that are green , smart and economical that can be incorporated into Homes.
    It would be greatful if you could provide me with some links , contacts, or suggestions regarding this subject.
    Any help from your side would be of great use to me.
    The company is planning to start in india, kerala.

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