The Volkswagen Beetle’s beloved fender benders get repurposed to build this cool kart!

While futuristic cars are everyone’s focus, it is refreshing to see creative takes on vintage cars – especially if they are made with something old, something new, something borrowed and something…green? When you see this kart there is only one car that should come to your mind – the original Beetle!

Aldekas Studio created this quirky vehicle called ‘Bugkart Wasowski’ using repurposed the fenders from a Type 1 beetle model. The fenders, headlights, and turn signals are melded to transform them into a custom mini kart that retains the car’s iconic round shape. It is painted with a retro olive green with a red frame to add some contrast. A round, tall handlebar acts as the steering system, and to keep some of the old charm the original chrome side mirrors are incorporated.

The Bugkart Wasowski pays a tribute to the “bug” we all know and love. While we wait for more information on the engine transmission, I can’t help but wonder that if Volkswagen had to make a sleigh for Santa Claus, this would be it – two global icons ‘collaborating’ if you will! If this project goes into production, it will be fun to see in competitive kart racing tournaments or maybe in car shows for how unique it is.

Designer: Aldekas Studio