LEGO-inspired concrete organizer is modular, holds your belongings, and even docks your phone!

This bauble-box is brutalist beauty at its best! The Mesh, by Mexico-based Shift is a concrete organizer that allows you to store all your small belongings and customize how you store them too! Designed to work well in any space, the Mesh can be placed on your work-desk, bedside table, mantelpiece, dressing table, or even your bathroom. The concrete setup comes with a toothed base, and containers with notches that dock right into the grooves/teeth. The layout opportunities are endless, and you can even use the grooved base to route cables, rest stationery, and even dock your phone! The concrete components cone in a variety of monochrome hues, and blend into the decor well, whether it’s your desktop, dressing table, or the shelf right beside your main door. The fact that the containers (and base) are slip-cast in porous concrete means the Mesh doesn’t mind a little bit of water, making it ideal for the bathroom, or even to plant tiny succulents around your workspace! Whether it’s your tech, stationery, accessories, EDC, keys, plants, or even toiletries, the Mesh does a pretty remarkable job of storing your stash and allowing you to arrange them exactly the way you like. Plus, the modular nature of the Mesh means you could easily expand your storage by purchasing additional units!

Designer: Shift