The Best Damn Travel Bottle!

We like it when people think different. While the world focuses on creating the perfect suitcase, that climbs up stairs, that you can track in transit, that come with RFID blocking, or that turns into your wardrobe, there are still certain tiny yet frustrating aspects to traveling that haven’t occurred to most problem-solvers. For instance, what do you do when your shampoo or shower gel, or body cream go all crazy and burst or open inside the case while travelling? Suitcases that come with waterproof compartments on the inside just protect you from damage, they don’t prevent the damage in the first place.

The Tic is the product that results out of thinking differently. This ‘bottle’ is designed to hold all your cosmetic liquids in a spill-proof container that even doubles as a dispenser. The Tic travel bottle is designed to be three things. Compact, convenient, and secure. You can choose between Shower and Skin variants of Tic, or even pick both. The compact design comes with mini bottles that fit into the larger outer case. The outer case comes with a sleeve that when you slide down becomes your dispensing area. Just place your hand in the cavity, and you can easily dispense your shampoo or conditioner, trouble free! An added advantage is that since they’re kept upside down, you use up every bit of the liquid. Isn’t that just convenient?! Like I said earlier, they’re secure too. The Tic bottles have gone through rigorous testing to see if they stand up to their claims, and they definitely do!

What’s more, each individual bottle even comes with measurement markings, giving you an exact idea of how much liquid you’re carrying, so you’ll never run into trouble at the airport! And here’s a little easter egg, the Tic makes a great addition to your gym or sporting kit! Now isn’t that thinking differently??

Designer: Ben Tsoi

Buy It Here: $20 $38.00