Lights Designed to breathe life into your modern home

Exquisite lighting designs have the ability to illuminate any live space, and to just add that extra oomph factor! I mean, of course, we need them to see in the dark, but as highly functional as they should be, a lighting fixture also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. So, we’ve curated a collection of intriguing lighting designs to brighten up your home or office space!

The Mygdal Plantlight by Nui Studio is a revolutionary lighting solution not just because the luminaire is a completely self-sustaining ecosystem where the plants can grow undisturbed, but also because of its one-of-a-kind electrically conductive glass coating. It actually streams the electricity invisibly along the surface, so there’s no need for a cable connection between the power source and the LED.

The Helios Touch is a modular wall light comprising of hexagonal panels, you can move the panels around to create a pattern of your choice! Oh, and did we mention it lights up at the touch of your hand?

Crafted using anodized aluminum and glass domes, the Infinity Modern Pendant by Karice is one magical affair. The source of the light is invisible, however, the subtle rays of light can be seen rotating throughout the dome.

Aqua Creations’ collection called ToTeM is a series of tall, thin and squat sculptural lighting structures. What makes ToTem stand out is its unique manufacturing process. A metallic stand with a cage-like structure on top is taken and swiftly spray-coated with polymer, which forms a lithe cocoon around it. This method creates beautifully diffused lighting with an interesting, uneven texture that is unique for each piece.

This lighting fixture by Ron Neal Lighting Design at Tanner’s Rooftop Bar in California looks exactly like a tree! It forms a glowing shelter over the bar, giving you the impression of sitting under a lit-up tree.

Morgane Tschiember’s Open Space is a series of sculptural lights that use a mix of dense concrete and delicate neon tubes to create a perfectly balanced lighting design. The neon tubes are contrasted by three-dimensional geometric shapes sculpted from concrete.

Modern LED lights fitted into a rustic timber beam! This lighting design by Little Anvil combines a rugged industrial look with a pop of modernity.

Studio Cheha combined a  2-dimensional plate of acrylic glass, and a warm LED light to create a vibrant lamp that will add an impressive wow factor to any desk it is placed onto!

Mascara Tears is a pendant lamp by Saad Syed, which takes inspiration from the black and golden hues of mascara and eyeshadow. It seems like an interesting lighting design for all the ladies out there!

The winner of several awards, Lunair Lighting by Filip Janssens is an intricate mesh of disrupted marble and gold lighting. The result is almost like a piece of art!

Peel Wall Light by YOY looks like a corner of the wall is peeling off, and rays of light are leaking from it. Quite an interesting design to add to your home!