15 Best of Best 2013 Red Dot Award: Design Concept Winners

Two kisses on the runway, plenty of dance moves, one South Korean traditionally dressed gal and loads of excitement later, I am finally back in my room. Its almost 2:30 am here in Singapore, and I cannot get sleep until I recap this Bedazzling red dot awards night! Ken Koo and Peter Zec took to the stage and set the ball rolling for an evening of celebrations. This year, many things were done differently; first off yours truly was the onsite video reporter and had a videographer follow me everywhere. Videos coming later…

Among the trivia, around 4,400 submissions came in this year and only the top 5% were selected for a red dot. The Honorable Mention category was introduced and so were two other submissions categories included: Service Design and Skin Design.

This Year’s Luminary Winner is:

Nest – Rehoming Spent Laying Hens by Lyn Garrett, Emma Fox Derwin Matthijs Siljee, John Wells

Nest is a contemporary kit-set hen house and supporting care system designed to encourage those living in populated areas within New Zealand to keep ex-commercial (or ‘spent’) layer hens as domestic pets.

Apron Tool Bag by Geunwon Lee, Seung Han Lee, Hea Jin Lee

Avionics 2020 by Félix + Associés

Botiá – nests for food by Manuela Yamada, Natalia Chaves

Ching Chair by Ta-Chih Lin, Yi-Fan Hsieh

CIGA Design Single Hand Wristwatch by Jianmin Zhang

Closed Watch by Min Gyeoung Baek, Hyun Ju Park, Seon Il Kim, Mi Jang

Comfort Cast by Kyuho Song

CookPlat by Monse Garcia

Curling Pan by Jee Won Lee, Juan Lee

Double Warm by Yichen Huang, Wei Xu, Yiwen Ye, Nannan Lu, Peng Ye, Shengli Pang, Danyan Lin, Liying Yu

ECO-MOBIUS by Able Chen, Yue Yu, Feng Dong, Yuanyuan Xu, Chaoyang Yu, Yan Chen, Fiona Chen, Cuifeng Chen

Fare well by Pierre Cloarec

Infographic Coins by Mac Funamizu

Fridge Magnet by Zhipeng Chen, Haibo Liao, Yigang Tang


  • Seon-Il Kim says:

    The image of Closed Watch has wrong sentences… However our design shows sunrise and sunset time in not a number but more intuitive way, spot of hour needle passed it gets darker!

  • ema says:

    The red dot award, the main source for people getting “inspiration” for their kickstarter campaign…

  • muel says:

    Exactely. They pay money to get the award and others are earning money with their ideas…

  • uopjo6 says:

    Well. If you win the award it will always be your backbone to create more innovative products.

    Kickstarters can invest on their clone and live like hyenas.

    Can’t start anything if scared of clones. Only a good product will be cloned and should be taken as a compliment.

  • Inseok Oh says:


    Geunwon Lee, Seung Han Lee, Hea Jin Lee!!

  • Alaor says:

    I’m not talking about these specific set, but usually Red Dot Awards contain an absurd quantity of crappy ideas and bad concepts.

  • Amazing designs! I loved the infographic coins and the Avionics 2020

  • Nasreen0 says:

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  • Lakhyajyoti says:

    I really love most of the designs. Thanks for the share.

  • Archerayleigh says:

    Proud of many Koreans got award.

  • A.N says:

    I second that totally.

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