This wearable can stimulate nerves to effectively cancel out hand-tremors… and it’s a watch too.

Less of a fitness wearable and more of a wellness wearable, the Cala Trio is a wrist-worn individually calibrated device that works to reduce essential tremors, a condition that affects dexterity and movement when you’re using your hands.

Essential tremors affect as many as 7 million people in America alone. Not to confuse the condition with Parkinsons, essential tremors only affect hand movement when you’re using your hands to perform tasks. The Trio works as a sleek, non-invasive solution that’s calibrated specially for each user, and works by stimulating your median and radial nerves, which connect to the parts of your brain responsible for motor output. The FDA-approved personalized wearable “allows people with essential tremors to do tasks that would otherwise not be possible. Users regain the freedom to type on a computer or smartphone, write a letter, hold a cup of coffee and do many other tasks that require fine motor skills” says Nonfiction, the San Francisco-based design studio which collaborated with Cala Health over the design of the wearable.

The Trio’s design helps it work as a non-invasive therapy device, but it also functions as a wrist-watch, encouraging its wearers to think of it as a wellness wearable, rather than an obvious medical solution. This removal of stigma helps users not just regain their hand movement, but also a sense of confidence and freedom to live life unencumbered.

Designer: Nonfiction for Cala Health