This minimal wooden tray has a ‘clip’ up its sleeve!

I don’t know about you, but I love cute little stationery designs! They have the magical power to liven up our boring old work-desks, just looking at them at regular intervals can perk you up! Japan-based YOY Design Studio specializes in adding a pop of quirkiness and creativity to everyday items, and one such example is their Protrude Desk Tray.

Protrude is a wooden minimal desk tray that, to be honest, looks like it’s gonna slip right off your desk at any moment, taking your beloved coffee and work items with it! However, Protrude has a trick up its sleeve, or more specifically a clip up its sleeve! The underside of the tray has been equipped with a nifty little clip, allowing you to fasten and secure the tray onto any desk surface. Crafted from wood and stainless steel, the tray is about the same size as an A4 sheet of paper and can be adjusted and rotated at any angle.

Perfect for holding your steaming cup of coffee, stationery items and etc, you can position the tray any way you like, without it occupying excess space on your table while keeping your coffee away from important documents or electronics! YOY’s tray is like a clever little trick that could add some fun to your desk, and hold your work essentials!

Designer: Yasuko Furukawa of YOY