This monolith-inspired hard disk is an attractive desk prop, even when not in use

A monolith-shaped hard disk that breaks the general convention of computer peripheral design and doubles as an attractive desk prop.

The mysterious monolith that first appeared in Utah, was spotted in several other random locations worldwide with no clue what it actually was. It could have been a hoax, some artwork, a leftover prop from Westworld’s shooting, or maybe even the work of sn extraterritorial. Whatever the theories for this strange-looking appearance, the truth is still unknown.

Designer: Juan Lee

These long vertical slabs of metal measuring 10-12 feet appeared with no warning and disappeared just as abruptly. Inspired by the reflective surface and geometric shape of these monoliths, a designer let loose his imagination to create a very different-looking hard disk. A triangular pillar-like HDD christened Unidentifed takes a bold leap from the flat horizontal design of hard disks that we’ve seen thus far. This never-before-seen design kind of grew on me every time I glanced it over to pen down this write-up.

According to the designer he ventured on this project to portray the story of the monolith, “containing this mysterious knowledge on an external hard disk.” The C-to-C cables for the blazing-fast data transfer are stored right inside the hard disk when not in use. Rather than storing it inside your desk cabinet, the Unidentified HDD is worthy enough to make any workspace feel more Sci-Fi. The mirror-like gloss finish reflects the objects and colors around it. Thus, perfectly matching the ambiance of the surroundings. Just image it shine with the multi-hued colors of the screen’s bias light or the mood lamp.

The Unidentifed hard disk is imagined in two fantastic color options – Silver Grey and Metallic Copper. Right now, this design is just a concept and has the potential to catch eyeballs if turned into a real product.