Getting the Most Out of Compost

Designer Adam Weaver describes Re:Fuse as an “anaerobic digestion unit” that reclaims gas from decomposing biological debris that would otherwise be lost. The gas collected can then be used for cooking. The user simply places food-waste in the unit and over time Re:Fuse will not only yield gas for cooking but usable fertilizer for growing more food!

Designer: Adam Weaver


  • Lukiluke says:

    Nice but why?? I don’t think You get enough compost for generation of gas. Still costs of production such device is not comparable to for example this:
    and still You got power for battery charging or light.

  • biodigestors says:

    I for one know this would not generate enough gas to cook, it takes too long. I calculated how much methane it takes to run one gas light for 12 hours and its 2 cubic meters, this is why in countries that can use methane gas they use these huge bags that fill up with methane to power one home, these bags are something like 10 cubic meters. its a nice idea though, just needs to be more real world.

  • bhairav wani says:

    excellent idea…..and this is really need now in the rural indian conext ,because of so many women are facing Same problem.
    good work … keep it up…

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