These spray-painted cocoons are actually playful stackable lamps!

Nothing brightens up a home better than some artistic lighting, designed with utmost precision, to illuminate the space it is placed in. Israeli studio Aqua Creations started off in the homes of Ayala Serfaty and Abi Serfaty almost 15 years ago, but are now centerfold in creating aesthetic lights using sustainable technology. Their recent collection called ‘ToTeM’ is quite unlike anything I’ve seen before. A series of tall, thin and squat sculptural lighting structures, it features three pieces: To, Te and M. Each piece possesses their own geometric shape, form, and structure. They can either be placed separately, each holding their own or combined all together as a quirky family, forming a chandelier within minutes! Handcrafted, To, Te and M boast white polymer shades. Though they all feature almost rectangular shapes with rounded edges, one is quite tall and thin, the second one tall and wide, and the third is shaped like an elongated square!

What makes ToTem stand out is its unique manufacturing process. A metallic stand with a cage-like structure on top is taken and swiftly spray-coated with polymer, which forms a lithe cocoon around it. This method creates beautifully diffused lighting with an interesting, uneven texture that is unique for each piece. The end result is a collection of stackable lamps, the epitome of versatility and playfulness. Standing tall on a black steel frame with tripodal legs, ToTem also comes with a white-ash wood shelf that can be attached and reattached depending upon your mood. It’s the kind of design that can fit harmoniously into any space, whether living or working, to liven it up in seconds!

Designer: Aqua Creations