Most Buzzed Designs of August 2019

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in August 2019.

The Cineorama by Erika Hock is an outdoor viewing space with projectors.

This Avengers-inspired Infinity Saucelet™️ brings all your fast food dreams to life in one snap of your fingers. The gauntlet can wield the power of all of your favorite fast food sauces all at once.

This Mac Pro by Semin Jun challenges Jony Ive’s cheese-grater edition successfully.

The evaCHILL is a portable personal air conditioner without the release of Carbon Dioxide!

These earphones sit around your neck, magnetically attached to a chain, giving the earbuds a more fashion-forward approach.

Never seen before: A brand-new design combining the portable wireless charging with aromatherapy diffusion. Buy now!

Taking inspiration from the rounded bodies of F1 cars and cafe racer motorcycles, the Ducati è rossa comes with a carbon-fiber chassis on the inside and a wide, curvaceous body on the outside that gives the bike its temperamental demeanor.

Who needs a display when this keyboard projects your screen directly on your retina?

I have to hand it to designer Pei-Ju Wu, for the clever way he has integrated a planter, side table and lamp, into this amazing piece of furniture that you can place in your living room.

The Volvo PV has an adaptable seating position; the user has the option of how they would like to travel, they may find a standing position for short distances more comfortable than the more reclined position that’s advised for longer journeys.

This iMac integrates a wireless charging for your iPhone, AirPods, TouchPad… both from the top and the side of the stand, is simply clever.

Xbox Cloud’s controllers attach to your phone for a handheld Xbox-gameplay experience!