Smart Home Inte(great)ion

Smart hubs like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are cropping up all over the place. Considering the fact they’re all new pieces of tech, they come with their own personal and unique forms and designs that we haven’t seen before. The smart hub ‘Triby IO’ released by Invoxia is sleek, highly adaptable to any environment and hints at a few nostalgiac features that make this product likable on so many levels. With programmable buttons, integration with Alexa and many other applications, Triby IO doesn’t skip a beat. Adding to the gorgeous aesthetics and functionality of the Triby IO is the magnetic feature on the rear of the body, allowing the smart hub to be stuck to the fridge, saving space during cooking. This carefully designed smart hub is easily the more exciting choice of smart products available, and it would not shock me to see more products like this popping up over the coming months.

The look of Triby IO is simple; there are no overcomplicating features – what you see is what you get with Triby, and nowadays that’s a blessing. That being said, Triby has several features that make day-to-day life a whole lot easier. For example; when it’s time to wake up – Triby IO puts on my favorite radio station and displays the weather- not only this, due to Triby IO’s smart connections, it brightens your bedroom slightly with an HUE lamp, starts brewing your coffee and turns on the heater in your bathroom too. How about when it’s time for a workout session – Triby IO will lower the temperature in the room, play the music you want to workout to, display the exercises you need to do and of course count down the time for you.

Designer: Invoxia