Follow That Trail Of Footprints

One of the most important factors in cutting down the risks of the job is the gear that the firefighters use. Safety of Life Fireman’s Boots is a clever attempt to ensure that fighters can keep a tab on their partners and locate them instantly, in case of disorientation or the likes. The fireboots make an illuminating footprint on the floor of a room, leaving a trail of the user. Following the glowing footprints, the backup team can trace & reach the rescue worker, should he require it.

It’s not clear as what illuminant can be used to produce the glow, but I’m sure it has to be one that will not hinder in the firefighting and definitely not add to the mayhem.

Designers: Sun-Woong Oh & Jin-hee Kim

Safety of Life Fireman’s Boots by Sun-Woong Oh & Jin-hee Kim







  • I am in computer cla says:

    This is a good idea but what if there are a lot of fireman the footprints would be jumbled but very great idea

  • arjungehlot says:

    Very nice idea. I feel this could make a very good and practical way finding system.

  • I am in computer class says:

    This is a good idea but what if there are a lot of fireman the footprints would be jumbled but very great idea

  • MarvinTheManiclyDepr says:

    Good idea but I don't think it would work in all environments

  • do your RESEARCH! The inside of a burning building is full of debris, dirt and junk the cute little foot prints would be obscured or washed away.

    • Carl says:

      no zippy designers today dont do reasearch today. they just jump straight in with concepts after 2 minutes thought.

      If, and i do stress IF this concept could physically function the floor would be a wash with all types of prints in all directions taking away their concentration from the fire.

      • Too many designers, as a rule don’t like to research, it takes the “fun” out of fairy dust and moon beam dreams. Product designers who work for a living know that if a product does not answer the needs and want’s of the target market it is no more than mental masturbation.

  • f00ler says:

    AS a firefighter, this is a cool idea but impractical. Most of the time the ground is covered in debris, water, foam…etc. Then there are the times when you can’t walk on your feet and must crawl because of the visibility or heat. The boots would not be useful in these conditions.
    We also where our boots into the homes of people on other routine medical calls or hazardous conditions. I doubt people would appreciate a bunch of green footprints on their floor after we come in on routine calls.

  • flame says:

    The most hazardous scenes are the ones where you go in crawling. One room fire you walk through the rest of the structure making prints for a small fire that just smoked up the structure. Sounds good to a designer who has never been in the heat. But when reality catches up there are far better solutions for finding down firefighters. The best is never losing a fire fighter to begin with.

  • MarvinTheManiclyDepressedRobot says:

    Good idea but I don’t think it would work in all environments

  • While is this is one very cool idea. It would not be functional in a structrual firefighting arena. Are many others have listed the heat, water, debris, and foam would play a huge factor. Lets also take into consideration that todays traing of our firefighters most often that not does not allow for a standing/walking through a working structure fire. One of the bigest task for this concept to over come is getting it approved by the NFPA as well as getting it UL listed. I think firefighters arround the world would want a better, safer, more comfortable working boot than anything else.

  • technophile says:

    Not a FF here, and you could quickly ascertain why these wouldn’t work. Maybe if you’re walking in a nice, clean dark room, but I would imagine running through a burning building wouldn’t fit this!
    Bright flames would cover any glow, the soot and water would also, not to mention, I would assume, they would have to keep their attention on possible collapsing rafters etc. and not the ever-so-gunking up floor.
    Again, not a FF, but I don’t see this flying.

  • VidetteMonkey says:

    Better to have the green glowing goop emitted from knee pads because most of your time is spent crawling, which would never leave a trace with the boots.

    Standing in a fire is not really an option because A) you won’t be able to see, whereas it might be perfectly clear near the floor (might is a key word here if you are lucky), and B) the heat increases greatly as you stand, and at levels that will kill you.

    As my partner behind me crawls through the goop, will he/she also glow? That would be fun in itself.

    Top notch, accurate GPS systems with finely tuned altimeters on the firefighters would provide the X,Y,Z coordinates of your firefighter for a quick rescue.

  • KendraOpossum says:

    Fireman here (Kansas City, MO). I don’t know how feasible these things are but one of the trickier things to do when you get lost in a fire is finding your way back to the hoseline which should (hopefully) lead you back to the front door. If these glowy footprints were visible, even if you had to get on your face on the floor to see them in the smoke, they could be handy.

    Also they may not help all that much in figuring out where a certain fireman went, but they would show where he “didn’t” go which could save a lot of time.

    BTW LCD screens and fancy things like this are probably a long ways away from being useful at a fireground. We typically destroy any and all equipment over time and are 10x worse on anything even slightly fragile.

    Just my two cents

  • WD- Forte says:

    It sounds good in theory. But having been a firefighter for about 10 years now I can tell you that in an actual firefighting scenario these things would be totally useless. You literally cannot see your hand in front of your face and you do so much back and forth work that if you did end up needing to follow these tracks to get out youd be walking in circles. Not to mention the fact that if everyone was wearing these there’d be green footprints all over the damn place- not just yours. I’m not totally knocking them though. In the U.S. about 100 firefighters die every year- but mostly due to structural collapse and flash over, not so much to being lost (if that happens we just start breaking things till we find a way out). I give it 2 stars (out of 5) cause the fire service really could use a technological overhaul at some point in the near future.

  • I am in computer cla says:

    Also firefighters have a siren thing they wear if they dont move for a few seconds like 30

  • I am in computer class says:

    Also firefighters have a siren thing they wear if they dont move for a few seconds like 30

  • Safety is the number one concern at work, home, school and play. You should feel yourself comfortable in any weather and conditions!!!

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Zippyflounder: Fairy dust and moon dreams aren’t a bad thing. Lighten up a little will ya?

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