Follow That Trail Of Footprints

One of the most important factors in cutting down the risks of the job is the gear that the firefighters use. Safety of Life Fireman’s Boots is a clever attempt to ensure that fighters can keep a tab on their partners and locate them instantly, in case of disorientation or the likes. The fireboots make an illuminating footprint on the floor of a room, leaving a trail of the user. Following the glowing footprints, the backup team can trace & reach the rescue worker, should he require it.

It’s not clear as what illuminant can be used to produce the glow, but I’m sure it has to be one that will not hinder in the firefighting and definitely not add to the mayhem.

Designers: Sun-Woong Oh & Jin-hee Kim

Safety of Life Fireman’s Boots by Sun-Woong Oh & Jin-hee Kim