This iMac 2019 concept is better than what Cook announced

Philip Goolkasian has got it right, if we have to reimagine the new iMac, it may as well be his concept design that retains the familiar form, but packs in some good features. I’m completely sold on the idea of putting the display’s stand to good use. Integrating wireless charging for your iPhone, AirPods, TouchPad… both from the top and the side of the stand, is simply clever. The Apple Pencil charging spot is the best thought out! I am currently overwhelmed with the number of words that surround my workstation. These clever integrations are practical and much needed. Other than this, the computer includes a bezel-free display, multi-channel audio, third camera on the side and a harmonious design. FaceID, biometrics support, AR / VR compatibility and intuitive touch gestures are the cherry on the icing. New design team at Apple, hope you’re taking notes.

Designer: Philip Goolkasian

iMac 2019

iPad Pro and iPhone X unleased bezel-free displays. HomePod reimagined sound. Airpower and Apple Pencil showcased the full extent of wireless technology. This concept brings these aesthetic and tehcnological advanacments under one harmonious industrial design for iMac.

iMac with Multi-channel Surround Sound

HomePod’s breathable mesh panel is reimagined in iMac to dramatically improve passive ventiliation and decrease the space required for iMac’s fans. With the exra volume, a high-excursion woofer and beamforming tweeters emit studio-grade to deliver amazing sound.

New Spot. More Ports.

8 connected ports sit at the base of the design – putting cables our of sight and freeing more space for the speaker array. Power and SD are shited to iMac’s edge for easier access and continuity to iPad Pro.

Nothing but Screen

iMac’s design pushed the digital display to the very edge with the same bezel as iPad Pro. In addition to FaceID, the bezel is packed with additional sensors to support biometrics, intuitive touch gestures, and AR/VR.

More than a Black Border

In addition to Face ID, this design’s top bezel also supports side cameras at each corner – enabling more immersive security controls and precise AR/VR experiences.

Side-by-side Display

Use iMac’s default view window when consistency is paramount. Use iMac’s maximum pixel area for cinematic purposes and multi-monitor configurations.

Charging Where You Need It

iMac’s purposefully-designed edges and baseplate support wireless charging for Apple Pencil, AirPods, Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad and other wireless accessories.