Charge this Smartwatch Every 2 Years

There’s the glorious past… the traditional Swiss-made watch. The forgotten past… the digital watch. The innovative future… a miniature computer for a watch. And the appropriate future, the analog smartwatch. I say appropriate because it isn’t difficult shrinking computers to fit around our wrists. Moore’s law pretty much predicts that computers will get twice as fast/small every year. However, it’s a true challenge integrating a computer’s vast range of functionalities into something that’s sole purpose is to be an indicator of time, and a person’s taste/style. The analog smartwatch is a true design functionality challenge, and that’s why it’s the appropriate blend of tradition and technology.

The SWINGS seamlessly merges classic Swiss and futuristic Silicon Valley. While outwardly being an analog timepiece, it possesses the bragging rights to call itself a hybrid smartwatch, taking pros from both worlds and fusing them into a timelessly classic wristwatch. Encased in a 316L Stainless Steel case is some of the finest Swiss engineering backed by a next generation chipset that’s capable of powering the watch with unmatched accuracy and battery life. The Sapphire glass on the top covers a dial that’s hybrid in its visual language too, allowing it to go well with classic leather as well as metal bands, giving the watch its different personas. It borrows from the idea that watches should perform everywhere including underwater, and like most good traditional watches, is waterproof up to 300ft, and boasts of an IPX8 rating. Most smartwatches only go up to an IPX7 water and dust proof rating and can only go a couple of feet underwater (for only half an hour).

At the heart of the SWINGS is its chipset that is exclusive only to this one watch model in the world. While your smartwatch/fitness tracker can give you up to 24 hours of run-time on a single charge, the SWINGS doesn’t measure its battery capacity in hours, or days, or weeks. Not even months for that matter. On a single full-charge, the SWINGS can power itself for nearly TWO whole years! With an unmatched performance, the SWINGS needs battery replacement only once every 24 months…

Outwardly styled like a dapper timepiece, the SWINGS includes certain features that allow it to be called a smartwatch. With one regular dial and 3 subdials, the watch is capable of giving you alerts and notifications (even allowing you to snooze phone reminders and dismiss calls). Built with a world-class gyroscope, the watch even functions as a fitness and sleep tracker, sending all the collected data to your phone. Armed with 3 pusher buttons (one at the crown’s position), SWINGS connects to your phone, allowing you to control music playback, while even working as a remote camera trigger for some remarkable remote selfies (because outstretched arms are so yesterday). The smartwatch even comes with a find my phone feature that you can manually trigger, or have automatically go off if your phone gets too far from your watch.

Designed for a duality of audiences, the SWINGS works for both men and women, for both analog and smartwatch enthusiasts, and for both the working professional and the fitness enthusiast. With its automatic time-zone detection, the SWINGS tells time with remarkable accuracy. Its analog watch face doesn’t stop it from working as a smartwatch too, with its ability to track messages, notifications, calls, fitness and sleep while also allowing you to operate your music player and camera. Plus, with its stunning battery-backup which can only be described as practically eternal, you won’t just be able to tell time, you’ll be able to save time too!

(Assuming you charge your smartwatch once a day, you have to charge the SWINGS seven hundred and twenty nine times less since it lasts two years on a single charge. Now if that isn’t time saving, I don’t know what is!)

Designer: Derek Mao

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