Who needs a display when this keyboard projects your screen directly on your retina?

We love seeing concepts that challenge our perception of the future of technology by forcing us to rethink how we will one day interact with devices. Aura certainly achieves this, and it does so by transforming the humble laptop into an ultra-portable, productivity station!

So, you may be asking yourself how it functions without a screen, well that’s all down to the rather clever Eye-tracking Infrared Illuminators that locate eye-details and reflection patterns to project the image directly onto the user’s retinas! The futuristic technology doesn’t end there; in addition to the lack of screen, there is also concave keyboard with Glow Thru keys that’s been paired with an adaptive input service for maximum productivity!

Every single detail has been considered in immense detail; from the seamless and intuitive charging cable that is reminiscent of Apple’s iconic Magnetic cable, through to the careful selection of materials that elevate the premium feel of the computer! If this is what the future of computing could be like, then count us in!

Designer: Vince Wang

How it Works

Retinal display technologies do not need a physical screen. Instead, the viewer and the projector face each other, forming virtual images on the retina of the viewer.

Magical Eyetracking

Invisible infrared dots are projected and captured by the sensors for processing. By finding eye details and reflection patterns, eye patterns are calculated, giving perfect projections within the viewing angle.

Every Detail Matters

Every step of the way was methodical, increasing in fidelity and brought forward more and more details. Full-scale iterations revealed form and proportions changes that are hard to notice digitally.

Iconic & Timeless

A comfortable, familiar tactile gesture of rolling the bar turns the device on and off. Iris scanning allows you to unlock your device and setup multiple Iris profiles for multi-user use.

Secondary Keys

To declutter your workspace, secondary keys are hidden until you activate them with the numbers, ‘123’ button or the symbols “#+=” button. Press and your keys will magically glow through the trackpad. A new adaptive keyboard with no learning curve.

Invisible Aura

With no physical keys to press, you experience a fully seamless surface that is natural and easy to interact with. Haptic feedback adds a sense of touch by slight vibrations when you run your fingertips across the keys or press down on them.

Aura Can Take the Heat

Torx T3 screws allow you to do battery replacement on your own, clean out dust, and give you ultimate repairability and the ability to recycle. Rubber feet grip keep your device secure while raising it up to help with airflow and cooling.

Natural Cursor Movement

The trackpad you’ve grown to love is still there. Although this one lights up with buttons when you want it to. Aura uses eye-tracking for moving your cursor around, simply look where you want it to go. We reply on this natural human eye movement and use infrared lights to accurately track your eye gaze.

Seamless Intuitive Charging

No more lining up prongs or ports to charge your device. A simple magnetic inductive surface charges any way you snap it on, allowing you to beautifuuly charge your Aura as unobtusively as possible.