Move aside Apple magic mouse, this touch-screen wireless mouse is the next logical evolution we need!

Imagine this: In a post-pandemic world, you are traveling and attempting to work on a cramped work surface. It may be an airplane’s foldable seat tray, a small coffee shop table, etc. When you’re working on a limited table surface, it is difficult to fit your computer – let alone an accessory like a wireless mouse. Enter the T001. This touch-screen mouse negates the need for a flat surface to direct the cursor. You could literally hold the mouse in your lap and move the cursor by tracing your finger across the glass. Additionally, the mouse’s flat, sleek shape fits into your pocket like a phone, just like a phone.

The idea of a purely touch-screen mouse is intriguing, as it deviates from the standard design. Functionally and aesthetically, the T001 resembles a tablet or phone more than a computer mouse. The result is a clean interface – with a bright, eye-catching gradient for the background. This visual, reminiscent of a phone’s background screen, reinforces the connection between the T001 mouse and the touch-screen devices that inspired its creation. However, the lack of physical buttons may leave something to be desired. For reference, the Apple Magic Mouse has a similar, streamlined look, but still kept the tactile clicking function. Will its absence throw off its usability for users? Or is this the inevitable next step in the evolution of wireless mouse design? It would be interesting to see how users adjust to a “button-less” product when most people have grown accustomed to having that tactile feedback.

Designer: Alex Terol