Meet the unnecessary designs that have taken the internet by storm!

Form and functionality – these are the core factors that define any good product design! But this one innovator has us scratching our heads with his ingenious take on some problems we may or may not have, with solutions that are as innovative as the trouble itself! Meet Matt Benedetto, creator of the Unnecessary Inventions page on Instagram who creates solutions, from his recently viral Croc Gloves, a version of Thanos’s gauntlet that comes with sauces for all your chip dipping needs, to even a Pizza Fanny Pack, that to be honest, would be a fun carry-on for those days when you just need that slice of pizza to make everything better!

Crocs Gloves™️ feature all the best things from the shoes, including that thick foam material and safety strap. Start getting all your household chores done in style.

Incognito Kicks™️ lets you feel the ground beneath you where ever you go. Just slip on these comfortable loafers and enjoy the sensation of walking barefoot while maintaining the appearance of appropriate attire. 

This Avengers-inspired Infinity Saucelet™️ brings all your fast food dreams to life in one snap of your fingers. This extremely powerful gauntlet can wield the power of all of your favorite fast food sauces all at once. Cover everything in sauce… whatever it takes.

The Pizza FannyPack™️ lets you carry your precious pizza, anywhere – anytime! Strap on our futuristic fanny pack that features two transparent pouches for your favorite slices on the go! The rugged waist strap has a high impact resistant buckle and reflector for a safe Pizza Party on the go. 

Meet the TetherPods™️ If you are sick and tired of your Apple AirPods always falling out or getting lost, then I have exciting news for you. Those issues are now a thing of a past with our signature iPhone Case that features an attached flexible cord that easily slides onto each AirPod. Always have a secure lifeline directly to your phone.

The UtilityNails™️ are here for any home improvement job. Simply secure these rugged steel nails with superglue and have all your tools at the tips of your hands. It features wrenches, screwdrivers, and an Allen key! 

The Digits Comb™️ for the times you just don’t want to run your hands through your hair, simply use our silicone fingers comb. Breeze through your hair as if you would be doing it with your own hands to get each strand back in its place. 

Scooter Computer Commuter™️ lets you grab your electric scooter and get those TPS Reports done before you even get to work. This stand-up desk is designed specifically for your electric scooter to ensure you are making the best use of your time. Now back to work and don’t be late! 

Wearing the FlopFlips™️ means you can reverse your steps to ditch that stalker on the beach. These sandals feature a backward sole to ensure all your footprints always appear to be traveling the opposite direction you are walking.

With EyeWiped™️ you can swish and say goodbye to those annoying raindrops on your sunglasses. Outfitted with water detecting sensors, automatically wipe away any water that gets onto your lenses when you are out and about. Finally no need to take your shades off during that class 5 hurricane. 

The SockLocker™️ is a solution for all who are sick and tired of always losing just one of your favorite socks! Completely turn your life around with our handy little sock storage device so you never misplace any of your precious socks. Three proprietary sock hangers are included to neatly and safely hang your sock collection.