A Twist on the Traffic Light


Designed for everything from overpasses and bridges to pedestrian crossings and traffic lights, this innovative warning sign aims to prevent dangerous accidental crossings by vehicles that exceed height limitations. Equipped with an array of all-weather sensors, the system is able to detect the height of oncoming trucks and cars. In the event a vehicle is too high to pass, the light will give the driver a visual warning so they can make route adjustments. Not only useful for size issues, the system can also be used to indicate road conditions or closures.

Designer: Ming-sheng Shih


Warning Sign uses Double-sided grating which connects detector and CCTV also maintain alarm signal function.


Warning Sign will show a green light if the height is under its limit.


The green light will turn to yellow if it may exceed the height limit and lets the driver know in advance.


Red light will show if it exceeds the height limit and reminds the driver not to pass.

The system can also be used to alert drivers via texts message to indicate road conditions or closures.